Wide Open



Based on a true story; Renee is a college student who drops out of film school after getting involved with a married man who becomes mentally, physically and emotionally abusive to her. After nearly taking her own life she overcomes the pain and learns how to appreciate life through her spiritual relationship. Wide Open is a story of triumph, and being delivered from a life threatening situation. If you have ever been hurt and felt like giving up then this is a story for you. It teaches that you can learn from your mistakes and turn your lowest moment into your greatest success.

The play is based off of a book written by Shireal Renee called, “The Things Inside Me; A poetic trip inside a young female mind”. It documents her life experiences as she develops from a child into a woman using poetry to describe these many moods and moments. The final chapter of the book is titled “Open; Read what my heart bleeds.” This chapter reveals a more raw side of Renee and talks in depth about intimate details of a relationship she was in with a married man. “Wide Open” brings that chapter to another level by addressing those personal situations of love, lust, religion, faith, sex, and suicide to a live audience. Renee says, “The play is not only called ‘Wide Open’ because of the book it’s also because it is written by me, about my life and performed by me; which in turn makes Me, Wide Open, exposing myself to the world.”

“Wide Open” is an unconventional one-woman show, the main character Renee is the only one with a speaking role. The other charactors although non-verbal are very important roles in the show, playing Renee’s thoughts and expressing them through movement, interaction and dance. This play will take you on an emotional roller coaster through every feeling imaginable. “Wide Open is a universal and timeless story that everyone can relate to.” says, Tracy “Mind Evolution” Caldwell.



Information coming soon…for immediate information email us on our contact page.




This video footage was taken with the cast and crew of the February 2011 Wadsworth Atheneum Encore performances.  The show has been developed and characters revised since.


This caption snippet is from the book  preview show in March of 2009.

Wide Open is a play that was written to promote the book, “The Things Inside Me”.  The book tells the story of the journey of Wide Open’s main charactor Renee growing up and facing adversities in her youth until she is a young woman who gets involved with a married man and overcomes her circumstances when she finds her way back to God.

  Using 22 of the poems from The Things Inside Me, a theatrical depiction of the book is unveiled.

The mission for Wide Open is to inform and educate young adults on the realities of adultery and domestic violence. Look forward to media coverage and radio appearances announcing tour dates.

Coming Soon to a city near you!

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