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 Outside Myself DVD

Wedding DVD - Dark Vintage

In 2012 I took a leap and decided to venture out into DVD publishing with my poetic documentary titled, Outside Myself.  Bringing together my companies By Renee Visions, Publishing  and Shireal Renee, Inc.  This is the result of that venture.

Shireal Renee published author, accomplished actor, producer and entrepreneur joins musical director and producer Dan Larkum with the release of her poetic documentary, Outside Myself. This DVD reveals how Shireal survived molestation, drug abuse and depression while never giving up the quest to fulfill her dreams. Outside Myself intertwines poetry from the book “The Things Inside Me”, with a live band while Shireal moves you from laughter to tears with this true story of survival.


The Things Inside Me

A poetic trip inside a young female mind
By: Shireal Renee


Hartford, CT – Hartford’s own – Shireal Renee has achieved many accolades, from being nominated for Poet of the Year by To creating a new genre of writing called Poetsolygy in her book The Things Inside Me; her autobiography through poetry. She has also written five movie scripts, a pilot for a television series, countless short stories, and two stage plays. She has performed on stages in Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In 2005 Shireal Renee founded her publishing company “By Renee Visions”. A company that she believes will change the industries outlook on visionary writers and brand the name Poetsologist into the minds of all writers.

Aside from her publishing company from 2008 to 2011 she held the title of Editor-in-Chief of Street Connfinement Magazine; a publication based out of Connecticut that distributes issues in 11 states. Under her lead with the magazine it was voted CT’s number 1 entertainment magazine 4 years in a row by Holla Back Video and was named Fashion Editorial of the year at the NiRo Fashion Design Awards. Her monthly column “Poetz Corner” branched into internet radio in January 09 when she picked up a slot on Ugly After a successful run there she decided to turn the segment into a talk show which recently premiered on Access as well as Hartford TV Channel 5.

The Things Inside Me; A poetic trip inside a young female mind, is her first book. The book is a uniquely written poetic biography of experiences in her life  and the journey of becoming a woman. While trying to figure out her place in the world she is challenged with many trials and tribulations. She uses poetry as her outlet by telling the story of her experiences as she faces all of life’s hurdles.

The story is broken down into three parts. Part I is set during her teenage years, where she is faced with the problems of adolescence and being forced to grow up fast. She learns quickly that life has no favorites; it is cruel to us all. She deals with finding and losing her first love, surviving her parents divorce as well as being personally violated on more than one occasion. Part II is set during her college years as she ventures away from the security of her home and has to learn how to survive on her own without the guidance and support of her parents. She deals with the difficulty of finding herself and struggles with directing that energy into positive places. Part III she becomes OPEN to whatever glory or disaster the world has set for her. After dropping out of school and moving to the big city she has to discover how to stay true to herself and utilize those values and morals that were instilled in her as a child to make wise decisions on being the best woman she can be.

This ground breaking story is set for the times, it is written in poetry so the reader does not have to read it from cover to cover all at once. It can be picked up and read when dealing with any particular feeling or event in one’s life. Shireal Renee has opened up her soul for the world to know where she came from, how she overcame and where she is going. She believes through this book she will be able to inspire, uplift and encourage young women all over the world to follow their dreams, never give up no matter what life throws at you and always remember, “You are not in this alone, someone else has already walked and paved the path for you to follow to success”.

The Things Inside Me inside layout
A Dream Came True

Because the story is broken into 3 phases they were each designed separately with individual covers and layouts.  Each layout brings out a new essence in each chapter.  But originally they were 3 different books.  I published it as a collectors addition as 1 book.  After this print sells they will not be available in the collectors addition anymore they will be sold separately to target different age groups.




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