You Better Breathe: Part 3

London trailed behind her family pushing her grandmother in the wheel chair as they all exited the hospital.  She watched Laerihs and her father exchange suggestions on what they felt would be best for grandma.   She secretly envied the relationship between her sister and father.  She remembered back to when they were little when […]

You Better Breathe: Part 2

The nurse practitioner entered the room along with the CNA who was carrying the sherbet that grandma requested. The nurse practitioner was an older petite woman with salt and pepper colored hair. She had a very pleasant smile and made sure she flashed it at everyone in the room before she began to speak. The […]

You Better Breathe: Part 1

The day is finally here.  Today is the debut of my short story series.  I don’t have much to say except I really hope you enjoy it.  Without any further ado here is, You Better Breathe. ______________________________________________________________________________ You Better Breathe: Part 1             London sat in the hospital waiting room nervously tapping her feet against […]