An Intimate Reading at The Russell

Thank you to Hugh Russell for hosting

Me & My Man’s Wife: A Testimony of Deliverance at The Russell


I’ve known Hugh, the owner of downtown Hartford’s hotspot, The Russell for many years. He has always been so supportive to me and so many other artists, always opening his doors and giving us an outlet to promote our work and talents. I remember when I was doing Poetz Corner TV, I asked Hugh if I could host season two at The Russell and with no hesitation he agreed.

Two weeks before the release of Me & My Man’s Wife, Henry and I were having dinner at The Russell and I ran into Hugh. I told him about the book and he immediately suggested that we do something there when it came out.  As always he honored his word and on Thursday July 21st I will be at The Russell for an intimate reading.

I am so thankful to Hugh for being so gracious to host this reading. I’m excited about this event because I will be reading some of my favorite scenes and having a Q&A with the audience. You don’t want to miss this, we will be there from 6-8pm with hors d’oeuvres and drink specials for the first hour and the reading beginning at 7. Hope to see you there.


#MAMMW Final Leaked Passage

There is only one week until Me & My Man’s Wife finally hits the stands. I wish I could say I’m excited but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to really let it sink in. There have been moments that I felt some joy over what’s happening, but I don’t think I will really get to bask in it until after the release. With that said, I hope someone out there is excited for me and is enjoying these little snippets. Today I am going to leak a little more to hopefully really peak your interest, if I haven’t done so already. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking this journey with me! Thank you! See you next week.

Final Leaked Passage #MAMMW

I wasn’t ten feet away from the building when I ran right into Terren. We both froze when we saw each other. I decided to keep walking to avoid confrontation. “Casey,” Terren called out behind me. I stopped, took a deep breath, and turned around to face her. “Listen, I really don’t want any problems, Terren.”

“I don’t want any problems either. I just want my husband back.”

“Oh my God!” I said throwing my arms in the air in surrender. “How many times are we going to do this song and dance?” I shouted.

“I’m tired Casey! My kids are tired! Do you have any idea what this has done to our family?”

“Terren, why do you think I have so much power over August? I’m not holding him hostage.”

“Casey, you are the woman in the relationship, you have all the power. He can only do what you allow him to do.”

“Terren, I don’t have the power. I am powerless when it comes to August. Please tell me how to stay away from him, please.”

“Just tell him to go home,” she said casually.

“If it were that simple, girl, then he would’ve been back a long time ago.” I laughed.

“No, you have to say it and mean it.”

“Say it and mean it. I got it,” I said sarcastically. “Let me go do that right now.”

“Casey, this is not a joke. My children need their father to come home, I’m begging you, because I’m desperate now, I’ve run out of ideas on how to keep him, and frankly, I’m beginning to think I’m going crazy. I’m losing it Casey, please help me, please.”

I shook my head. “Fine, Terren. I don’t know how, but I’ll take care of it.”

“Casey, I understand the hold he has on you. He has it on my too, but we have to help each other. If we both stand together on the same team, we can get him to do the right thing. Can we be a team now instead of fighting each other?”

I was completely caught off guard and all out of clever remarks so I agreed, “Sure Terren, we can be a team.”

She looked defeated. “Thank you,” she said then continued towards her car. When she got in, I noticed her kids were inside. As she drove off, her son turned around and looked out the window at me. The sadness on his face destroyed me. I knew that Terren’s plea was out of pure desperation. She didn’t want to beg me to leave her husband alone, she didn’t even want to ask me to help her, but she had to, for her children.

Right In Front of My Face

It’s been a while.  I’ve been running a hundred miles a minute.  There are so many things going on in my life right now I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to explain it all.  There is one thing in particular that I thought I should share though; I’ve found my voice.  I’m not sure if you recall but I had been going on and on about not being able to write and having a creative mental block, well, that is all over now.  I have found my voice.

Of course like most things we think we lose they are usually right in front of our faces.  I discovered that I actually never lost my voice.  I had abandoned it.  I was trying so hard to recreate myself or “transform”, was the word I was using that I actually got lost in that.  Obviously, personal growth is important however some things are not meant to be changed.  God gave me my voice, and although the contents of my work will mature with me, my style is already perfect because it is not of me; it was a gift from God.

How did I make this discovery? About a week ago, I did a performance at my church and afterwards one of the members came up to me and said, “you are a poet and you don’t even know it.” At that moment it was like a light bulb went off.  My poetry is told in stories.  I have always had a very poetic way of writing my stories.  My best poetry always pretty much wrote itself while I was getting something off my chest. It was when I started trying to write poetry that I found myself lost in trying to make words rhyme. That was my biggest mistake.

Now that I’ve rediscovered my voice opportunities are coming out of nowhere. Even better than that I am writing again! And let me tell you when I’m writing life is so much better!


I’m back!

S. Renee

A Song From God

My niece Vera is serious about her name.  She does not like to be called anything but her name.  Pop always gets to her when he calls her a play name like, “cutie” or “shorty”.  She always replies, “that’s not my name, my name is Vera!” Now Vera is only 3-years-old but she sticks up for her name with conviction.  It is wonderful that at only 3-years-old she knows the importance of her name and she demands that no matter what the alternative nickname is she wants to be called only the name given to her.

I was thinking about all this because I was in the nail shop the other day and I sat next to this girl with the same name as mine.  I always get excited when I meet another Shireal since it’s not a very common name.  Anyway, she asked me did I know the meaning of our name and I told her the truth which was, no.  She told me that Shireal is a Hebrew name and it means A Song From God.  As soon as she said it a smile spread across my face.  Of all the things in the world that my name could have meant that had to be the most beautiful.

In learning this I began to think about my life and how God has made me a writer and what an amazing gift being a writer is.  Being a writer has truly turned my life into a well-composed song that I have had the privilege of being able to conduct.  I’ve written books, stories, poems, essays, movies and even songs.  Writing this song that is my life has saved me. I’ve always known that my story was already written – any believer in the Higher Power knows this, but to know that when my life was written it was as a melody from God, this knowledge has truly changed my perspective on how I live.

I want to make sure that the rest of my song is a Grammy winning song.  I want it to be written and translated into 50 different languages.  I want people singing the lyrics for generations that surpass my life in the flesh and transcends into my spirit life.  I want my song to be magnanimous!  I want it to teach, touch, guide and heal people to change lives and minds.  I want it to be worthy of being from God. I am so thankful today for my name SHIREAL! Renee.  A name I use to be ashamed of when I was a child, I wasn’t as brilliant as Vera at that age. As an adult I’ve learned to love my name and now that I know the meaning of it I know there is nothing not to love. Especially when it is A Song From God.

“Wide Open”: 15 Days (Crazy)

This show is in 15 days and today I had an impulse to rewrite the script.  Call me crazy but we changed the script 6 days before the show the first time we did it and it turned out phenomenal.  I mean of course the story will always remain the same but I’ve grown so the charter has to grow with me.  Plus I am a junkie for change so why not make it more exciting to add to the natural rush that I get when I do a show.

Besides “Wide Open” is about deliverance, faith and persevere so if I am not applying those beliefs to my everyday life then I am a hypocrite to be out there on stage encouraging it to others.  I have faith that this show is meant for greatness, I will work hard and follow my heart so that I can overcome any obstacle that stands in my way (even if the obstacle is myself), I am committed to this journey because God did not deliver me out of that situation for nothing.  He wants me to share my testimony to the world as a witness to how great and powerful he is.

Those who are meant to be there will be there, “Wide Open” 2014

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