“Wide Open”: 10 Days (Silence)

There are only 10 days left until “Wide Open” goes up in New Haven and I feel like I have been in a one of those bouncy houses that people have at children’s birthday parties.  Even when I am all alone my mind won’t stop the chatter.  God I pray that I can focus. ForContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 10 Days (Silence)”


“Wide Open”: 11 Days (Reflection)

I have kept journals since I was about 11 years old.  I wrote in them religiously.  There was a time when I wouldn’t leave the house without one.   Each journal that I had manifested a little piece of my destiny.  Yesterday I found an old journal of mine from 2003/2004.  When I opened itContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 11 Days (Reflection)”

“Wide Open”: 13 Days (Anxious)

I’m ready to do this show.  I always get like this the closer it comes to showtime.  It’s like all my emotions start to fight with each other and I just want them to come out.  The outlet happens to be the stage.  It’s weird because I feel this way then when the show isContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 13 Days (Anxious)”

“Wide Open”: 15 Days (Crazy)

This show is in 15 days and today I had an impulse to rewrite the script.  Call me crazy but we changed the script 6 days before the show the first time we did it and it turned out phenomenal.  I mean of course the story will always remain the same but I’ve grown soContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 15 Days (Crazy)”

“Wide Open”: 16 Days (Quitter)

When faced with greatness you can easily become consumed by fear, therefore allowing the possibility of quitting to seem like the easier option. I try to model my life after people who I admire.  One person in particular is Tyler Perry.  I choose Tyler because we have a lot of similarities as far as myContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 16 Days (Quitter)”