“Wide Open”: 4 Days (Prepared)

Maurice and I had the most thorough rehearsal today.  It really felt good to break down the play pretty much section by section.  It is nice that I continue to grow from this story.  That is how I know that this play is meant to heal people because it continues to heal me and teachContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 4 Days (Prepared)”


“Wide Open”: 5 Days (Connected)

I love Team Wide Open.  Our connection is crazy!  When it’s time to work it doesn’t even feel like we are working but we still put on an amazing performance.  I am so excited for this weekend.  I feel so blessed to be connected to this group of people and even more that we haveContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 5 Days (Connected)”

“Wide Open”: 7 Days (Examples)

Looking to you for motivation on this journey that few of us have faith enough to travel… Dear Tyler Perry,  You tell this story about a show that you did in Atlanta when you were first starting out.  It was one that you had such a bad feeling about, you were ready to throw inContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 7 Days (Examples)”

“Wide Open”: 9 Days (Promotion)

Feeling a little narrow-minded today.  Wide Open, Wide Open, Wide Open!  Nine days may as well be tomorrow. Friday February 28th and Saturday March 1st “Wide Open” goes up at Bregamos Community Theater, in New Haven.  Tickets can be purchased online here.  Hope to see you there.