“Bare Naked” Book Release

On Saturday May 12, 2012 my company By Renee Visions Publishing House (BRV), will be releasing its second book titled “Bare Naked” by author Tracy “Mind.Evolution.” Caldwell. “Bare Naked” is a collection of poems that are raw and derived from real life experiences. This book is fearless with it’s honesty regarding relationships, world views and self-acceptance. Tracy says, “I was able to open up and accomplish my dreams without compromising who I am. I am on mission to move and motivate people with this book.”

As a poet myself I have so much respect for this woman. She immediately captivated me from the first time I saw her perform. I thought to myself, “who is this chick”. She was so passionate in her delivery and had me hanging on to her every word. Every time I saw her I was drawn into her story and wanted to know more.

Almost 2 years ago she called me to discuss publishing her book. We spoke briefly about it but at the time I was in the middle of co-writing, “A Pretty Girl’s Bullsh*t” (APGBS) – another novel to be released through BRV in the near future. As a small, independent publishing house I try to focus on one project at a time to be fair to each author while balancing my own personal projects as an artist.

Soon after this conversation Tracy and I became very good friends when we both got cast for the Ma Peach production of “For Colored Girls…”. During this time the author of (APGBS) had some family issues come up so we had to delay the release of her novel. Today, we are still in production of this book. To make a long story short 2 years later “Bare Naked” got moved to the forefront and here we are on the brink of history about to release Tracy’s book. This journey has taught me a lot about patience, persistence, determination and timing.

It has also taught me a lot about business and the publishing industry. I feel more confident in what I do and I am excited to put more books out. This feeling of accomplishment is not something I can explain easily in words. But to be a part of making someone else’s dream come true is priceless. I know I was destined to do this!

This book release event is exclusive and is hosted by Brighter Than Before, Ent. another company to which I am one of the co-founders. You must be on the guest list to attend. Come celebrate with us downtown at Hartford 21. You can RSVP by adding your name to the guest list no later then Friday May 11, 2012 @ 6pm. To add your name to the list you can either email info@brighterthanbefore.com or you can call (860) 578-2050 visit www.brighterthanbefore.com for more details.

Hope to see you there!


The Company You Keep…

What is it they say about birds? Oh yeah, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Yes, that’s it. I believe animals live there lives as humans should. We to are animals just a different species. Animals only kill when they are defending themselves or hungry. They only hunt enough to not starve and feed their families. They nurture their children, teach them how to survive then kick them out the nest. Most importantly they stick together, play together, work together, fly together.

The human species are the only animals on this planet who eat when they are not hungry, will have more then enough but not share. Fight and kill each other over material things or shade of complexion, discriminate, baby grown folks and hate. The most “intelligent species”, yet the most ignorant. It’s unfortunate maybe if we weren’t so smart we would be living in bliss…they have a saying for that also.

Anyway, to my point – the company you keep. When I decided to commit my life to my career goals of being a best selling author, Oscar winning actress I quit my corporate job opened an office downtown and started asking for investment money. My uncle Rob who is a silent partner in my business gave me a hefty investment to get started. So I went to work. I furnished the office, published The Things Inside Me, was working in the office from 7am to 7pm 5 – 6 days a week, developing my name in the PR (public relations) world – really going hard.

But on the weekends at night. I was chilling. I was hanging out doing things that I would normally do before (I will spare the details) but I was living a double life. One day I was leaving a dinner at my Grandmother’s house and my uncle asked me where I was going. I told him I was going to one of my hang outs and he said to me, “You still be over there?” This question caught me off guard because I thought, ‘why wouldn’t I be?’ So I laughed a little and smiled, said yes, and went on my way.

Then I couldn’t get his words out of my head. As I was involved in my ‘old ways’ I started to realize the things that I was doing had no positive affect in the direction I was heading. Me keeping hold of the old me was slowing my progress, but most importantly, there were 100 other things I could have been working on. I realized what he meant. I had to change everything about me, not just the things I felt like changing. So slowly but surly I stopped “hanging out” – or waisting time. I started working harder and keeping myself busy in my craft.

Now there is a bright side to this story. God always has something better for you if you make the sacrifices that you are supposed to. Once I gave up the old things God introduced me to people that I would have never met where I was before. Now I am in the company of women who are really making a difference and doing amazing things in their communities and in the world. I am friends with people like; Grammy Award winning Charmagne Tripp, Mrs. Dot Com, Crystal Senter Brown who does it all, LaToya Bosworth (Brenda’s Child – The Queen of Self-Esteem), Lynnette Johnson a brilliant woman with a bright light, my girls Tracy Caldwell (Mind.Evolution.) an extraordinarily talented writer, Alison McMeans a phenomenal actress, Jami Williams, MBA brilliant business woman, Ebonye’ Jackson an amazingly talent journalist and woman of God. And the list goes on.

Being associated with people like this has helped me to stay focused. They inspire me and drive me to keep pushing towards my dreams. They show me that anything is possible with hard work and determination. They are not just friends they are anchors, they keep me grounded and rooted in my cause. I am so blessed to know them. And if you don’t know them well Google will tell you all about it. They are making major moves and they are right here in the metro area. If I didn’t mention a name of one of my friends it’s not personal I am just running over on this post. But I love you all each one of you add to my life and I am thankful for your presence. You’re company has increased my assets not hindered them and for that I am forever grateful.

Grammy Award Winner Charmagne Tripp
Crystal Senter Brown's new novel in the top 100 on Amazon/Inspirational
Brenda's Child Memoir (Teacher / Super Role Model)
Tracy Caldwell (Mind.Evolution) new CD "Bare Naked"
Eboyne' Jackson journalist for Juicy Magazine & just added Jones Magazine to publications she adds to.
Alison McMeans - "Hairspray" as Motor Mouth Mable

Responsibilities…Brighter Than Before

I found out today that my ex-boyfriend is engaged. At first I felt sick and started to do what most women do in this situation, question themselves. Why wasn’t it me, what’s wrong with me, how did I let him get away…blah, blah, blah. Then I had to stop myself, I can’t beat myself up over what wasn’t meant to be. There is another plan for me, another person honestly a completely different life. I can’t provide him the things he needs nor can he me.

Lately, I have been getting answers to questions that have been racking my brain. Question #1, why am I still in CT? I have a history of being a “runner”. When I’m not happy with something I run, to another place, another state, wherever, I just get up and go, take what I can fit in a car and relocate, start fresh. I have had the desire to do that for a year now but I haven’t been able to. There has been something holding me back. The difference between now and then is whenever I would leave I was 100% sure that I was making the right decision. This time, not so much.

The other day I was meeting with BTB (Brighter Than Before) and I was telling them about my feelings of being stuck and the questions I had and Toya gave me this list of reasons that I could possibly be stuck that she found in this book.

1. You aren’t ready to move (habitual behavior, addiction to current situation)
2. You aren’t paying attention (distraction unless you feel alert inside you won’t be able to pick up hints and clues being sent outside)
3. The environment won’t support you (there is more to learn or your conscious desires are in conflict with deep doubt)
4. You feel threatened by expansion (it’s safer to stay)
5. You keep seeing yourself as the old person.

Me being the person I am started to analyze every possibility and I found that each of them may have had a little truth to my stillness. But after driving myself crazy in wonder I figured it out. It all has to do with responsibility. For the first time in my life the decisions that I make do not only affect me. No I’m not engaged or married, no I don’t have children, or a mortgage or job that has me locked in one place. But what I do have is a career that I have built a solid foundation here. I have people who I feel responsible for in my business, books that I have made commitments to publish, shows that I am committed to touring, other people who are looking to me for participation in their success and lives that are riding on me being responsible and seeing through on my promises.

I’m not a kid anymore I am not just responsible for myself I am responsible for other peoples lives, successes and dreams. For the first time I am a part of real team and my presence is required. I have made a commitment that I must honor – and that is why I am still here. We (Brighter Than Before) are on the brink of something amazing, we were definitely put together for a reason. “Wide Open” and “The Thick Chronicles” are plays with a message they will help save millions of lives and we must see it through that they reach those people. Each of us has our own special, unique talent that adds to us as a whole. Together we are powerful beyond measure and I know that 100%. I am humbled that I was chosen to be a part of this magic.

So that is my engagement announcement, God wants me married to my career for now. Once I do my duties with that then he will send me a man that is right for me and I am right for, because I can’t bring that special man a broken me I have to be a whole and fulfilling my purpose will fill me up. So I will be obedient and do that first and await my Prince at the top.

Brighter Than Before, Ent.
Tracy Caldwell
Alison McMeans
Jami Williams
LaToya Bosworth
& Me, Shireal Renee

The Thick Chronicles: A Body Image Story – Trailer

If you were not able to catch the show here is a preview of what you missed, and don’t worry we are working on the Encore performance now. See you soon!

Thick Chronicles ” A Body Image Story “ from Randall Jenkins Videography on Vimeo.

If you are interested or know someone who maybe interested in booking the show please email: thethickchronicles@gmail.com Thank you Randall Jenkins for the wonderful video.