Have you ever seen the moon?

Today I heard someone say, “Have you ever seen the moon?”  For some reason that question resonated with me.  I thought what could they mean? Of course everyone with eyes has seen the moon before.  As I thought about the question it completely made sense to me.  Have you ever seen the moon?  The questionContinue reading “Have you ever seen the moon?”


Creating and Maintaining a Consistent Schedule

It has been exactly 19 days since I left my job.  I have done more for my career in 19 days then I did in the entire year of 2013.  I am not suggesting to anyone to leave their jobs.  I actually commend people who can juggle a career, job, husband, and kids all atContinue reading “Creating and Maintaining a Consistent Schedule”

Lost in Translation – Conclusion (Death)

My cousin Gregory was born six months before me.  He was my cousin by blood but he was my brother by love.  He was my world.  And as an only child to have someone in your life who fills the void of a sibling is an angel.  He was my angel.  I loved him moreContinue reading “Lost in Translation – Conclusion (Death)”

Lost in Translation – Part 3 (The Resignation)

I felt like I was breaking up with someone that I’d been in a relationship with for years.   One of those relationships where they are not totally to blame and you just had to find any reason to leave them because you felt like you were being suffocated. I looked my boss in theContinue reading “Lost in Translation – Part 3 (The Resignation)”