I Dream of Love

I wrote this for my boyfriend and gave it to him on our one year anniversary.  As we approach our anniversary this year I am posting this because he still makes me smile everyday even when I am pretending to be mad at him.  Happy Anniversary Pop!

I dream of love

I understand that love is not a noun

It is a verb

An action that happens when you care for someone so deeply

Their happiness becomes a part of your progress

I dream of love

Not so much the fairy tale renditions of love

But laugh, cry, scream, shout, jump about love that you can’t sleep without love


I dream of love

Being romanced until I am swept off my feet

My legs dangle in the air of relief that love is real its not a dream

You know what I’m talking about

The real thing

I dream of love

Sunsets, moonlight, long intimate nights

Where we just talk for hours

Get lost in our thoughts

Engage in what each other has been dreaming of

I dream of love

I dream of someone taking my hand when I cross the street

Watching me drift off and fall asleep

Running his fingers through my hair

Writing the definition of a real man

I dream of love

Standing beside me in a church committing to me till the end

Never forsaking the return of affection

Constantly reassuring me of his decision

Never leading me astray of his feeling

I dream of love

Making love like it was magic

Music that orchestrates to our tune

Creating 3 from us two

Building a legacy that only God can do

I dream of love

(c) 2012 Shireal Renee all rights reserved.  This work cannot be copied or distributed without the authors consent.


Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_3

In episode 3 of Voyage to Oprah’s Couch we go on location to the Brighter Than Before Ent. Sickle Cell fundraiser. I am a speaker on the author panel at the Soul Passages Book Festival and we support my friend Tarishi “Midnight” as he releases his new album “Starving Artist”.

October is Sickle Cell awareness month. Many of my family members have been affected by this disease so I know first hand the pain that it causes them and their families. Congratulations to Brighter Than Before, Ent. for putting together a great event and bringing awareness to the community.

“Bare Naked” Book Release

On Saturday May 12, 2012 my company By Renee Visions Publishing House (BRV), will be releasing its second book titled “Bare Naked” by author Tracy “Mind.Evolution.” Caldwell. “Bare Naked” is a collection of poems that are raw and derived from real life experiences. This book is fearless with it’s honesty regarding relationships, world views and self-acceptance. Tracy says, “I was able to open up and accomplish my dreams without compromising who I am. I am on mission to move and motivate people with this book.”

As a poet myself I have so much respect for this woman. She immediately captivated me from the first time I saw her perform. I thought to myself, “who is this chick”. She was so passionate in her delivery and had me hanging on to her every word. Every time I saw her I was drawn into her story and wanted to know more.

Almost 2 years ago she called me to discuss publishing her book. We spoke briefly about it but at the time I was in the middle of co-writing, “A Pretty Girl’s Bullsh*t” (APGBS) – another novel to be released through BRV in the near future. As a small, independent publishing house I try to focus on one project at a time to be fair to each author while balancing my own personal projects as an artist.

Soon after this conversation Tracy and I became very good friends when we both got cast for the Ma Peach production of “For Colored Girls…”. During this time the author of (APGBS) had some family issues come up so we had to delay the release of her novel. Today, we are still in production of this book. To make a long story short 2 years later “Bare Naked” got moved to the forefront and here we are on the brink of history about to release Tracy’s book. This journey has taught me a lot about patience, persistence, determination and timing.

It has also taught me a lot about business and the publishing industry. I feel more confident in what I do and I am excited to put more books out. This feeling of accomplishment is not something I can explain easily in words. But to be a part of making someone else’s dream come true is priceless. I know I was destined to do this!

This book release event is exclusive and is hosted by Brighter Than Before, Ent. another company to which I am one of the co-founders. You must be on the guest list to attend. Come celebrate with us downtown at Hartford 21. You can RSVP by adding your name to the guest list no later then Friday May 11, 2012 @ 6pm. To add your name to the list you can either email info@brighterthanbefore.com or you can call (860) 578-2050 visit www.brighterthanbefore.com for more details.

Hope to see you there!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Well, I’m single this year and I know the procedure is to be all depressed and sad when you are single on Valentines Day – well not me! I am happy and excited and overwhelmed with joy for all those who are truly in love. Enjoy it, bask in the romance of the day, hopefully you receive it more than once a year you deserve it.

Although I am not sad I did think of my ex (I mean I am human). I was driving to CVS and all the music on the radio right now is Whitney Houston and they were playing her song from the Bodyguard soundtrack, “I will always love you” – (side note: that song literally has 20 words repeated the whole time and she makes it sound like a love story this is why she is a legend!). Back to my point – as I was listening to the song I realized it said everything that I wish for my ex so I dedicate this song to him.

R.I.P. Whitney – I will always love you!

In other news, I thought it only right for me to post a poem for those of you in love so here is a new piece of mine called “His Face”. I hope you like it. Happy Valentines Day all.


His Face

I’m drowning in the way that he thinks
Doggy paddling my way to the top
Just so I don’t sink
In his thoughts
That have me so turned on that I could master bate to the base of his voice
And he gives me no choice of staying dry
My friends call me Aquafina
Always wet from his touch
Without him ever touching me
Mesmerized in the dream of him hugging me
Wrapping his arms around me creating shields of intimacy that keep me awake till Day break
Just so that I can watch him sleep
He’s got me
All of me
Off of one conversation
I wanna mate with him
Because I relate with him
I want a relationship with him
Didn’t think anyone could put me in checkmate so quick
He got me in the kitchen making cinnamon buns eggs and grits bringing it to his lips like he was one of my kids because he makes me want to nurture him
And anything else personal to him
I just want to be a part of him
Inside and out of him
Didn’t think I ever wanted to love again
But he’s unleashed a beast in me that I wasn’t ready to set free
But now that she is
I want to Tame her wildness
Muzzle her mouth
Remind her what being in a committed relationship is all about
There’s no doubt he’s a real man
The one for me and
If this is just a dream please let me sleep
Fall deep into the details
So clear I can retell the story like it was real
Engrave it in my memory like it just happened last week
Right before dawn didn’t need to turn the lights on because the sun hit your silhouette like it was a painting on a canvas of romance
Built only for him
But he allowed my shadow to creep in because he was yearning for a real woman and I was there to fill the void in him
I scared the little boy out of him
Had you wanting to find the inner man in him
It’s true behind every good man is a great woman
And I will stand behind you beside you anywhere in the room you want me to
Just as long as I can be near you
There to hold you when you need me to
Never will you be weak when I am with you
Because I will build the strength in you
Always will be true to you
I don’t give a fuck what that other chick put you through
She wasn’t made from you
God didn’t take your rib and plant it in her chest
he put it in mine and I will carry it with pride
Just so that you can walk around confident that you are the only one I’m with
It is your gift
You make being submissive sound like Christmas
I will do what you tell me to
Move the stars around the sky for you so that every night seems like a full moon
The constellations don’t have a chance I will remix and rearrange them so that they are of your liking
I will find a new galaxy and name it after you because you are a king in my eyes
You are the truth and that’s no lie
Just when I thought the world was lacking of real men you walked in to the room
I was hoping I was wearing the right fragrance of perfume
So I could attract you to me
Like a honeybee giving off nectar hoping you would lock into me
And treasure all the gifts I have been saving for this moment

I use to wonder what you looked like
I had ideas of your bone structure
Your nose, your lips, your fingertips, your eyelids
That tattoo I want to rub my fingers across
While you verbalize every line it’s made of
I want you and every hair follicle on your head
All the different curves you body made
And we haven’t even seen a bed
But instead we created mental erections
Testing our souls to challenge each other
And I know I’m guilty of looking for love in all the wrong places
But tonight for the first time I feel I’m in the right place
The exact space I’m supposed to be
I want you close to me
Think I might beg you not to leave
Somehow I feel you already own a part of me
You can have it
I don’t want it back
I just want you to appreciate my every inhale
Promise you wont bail on this passion
Let me love you the way I know I can
Seems like I’ve been searching forever for this man
And his Face

(c) 2011 Shireal Renee