Happy Birthday Gregory

Dear Greg, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years that you’ve been gone.  Yet it seems like only yesterday that I got that call.  I still think about you all the time.  I wonder what your life would have been like.  I can’t even imagine how many more memories we would have made.  You were myContinue reading “Happy Birthday Gregory”


I write from the heart

When I originally decided to start write my short stories it was because I have been feeling anxious about my writing.  I have some major things going on that I have not been able to share about my work so I needed to find another outlet thus I decided to publish my short stories online.Continue reading “I write from the heart”

Saturday – Off the Wagon

I’ve had a tough week recuperating from the show. Starting on Monday, I have to start back at day one. Back on my workouts, back on my eating right, back being focused–it’s like I’ve been on vacation. The toughest thing about taking a week to decompress, is getting back on the wagon. Why is itContinue reading “Saturday – Off the Wagon”

Super Bowl Sunday!!! (My Favorite Holiday)

Today is my favorite holiday!  Even though I had a disagreement with someone about today not being a holiday.  I won’t mention his name so that I can spare him the embarrassment since I thoroughly proved my point.  In my family it is tradition that on Super Bowl Sunday all of our friends and familyContinue reading “Super Bowl Sunday!!! (My Favorite Holiday)”