“Wide Open”: 20 Days (Appreciation)

Over the last couple years the team and production of “Wide Open” as evolved immensely.  People have come and gone yet there has been some constants that have kept me grounded, humbled and filled with much appreciation.  Those people are Maurice Clark and Tarishi “Midnight” Shuler. I remember when we first auditioned for the castContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 20 Days (Appreciation)”

“Wide Open”: 21 Days (Addiction)

I have an addictive personality.  I can prove that in more ways than one, but I will use my most recent addiction as an example.  Coffee.  Since I have started my change in lifestyle i.e. diet one of the things on my nutrition list was that I could have a cup of black coffee inContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 21 Days (Addiction)”

“Wide Open”: 22 Days (Focused)

Today was a rehearsal day.  Rehearsal days always calm me down,  I think it’s because we are working and my mind is not focused on everything at once but it’s only focused on the final product.  The final product is my favorite part of the process.  I know that sounds cliché’ but at the endContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 22 Days (Focused)”

“Wide Open”: 23 Days (The Countdown Begins)

There are always these steps I go through when a show is coming up.  They are, complete utter denial, fear, excitement, regret, butterflies, panic and nerves.  They always come one right after the other, not always in the same order but always one after the other.  This time around is different.  I am feeling themContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 23 Days (The Countdown Begins)”

A Writers Tale

I am in love with Bobby!  (Bobby is my laptop) We have a relationship that people wish for.  We sit around and create for hours and hours and he never complains about my insomnia.  I can tell him anything and I never have to worry about being judged.  He doesn’t even care if all IContinue reading “A Writers Tale”