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You all know how mentally challenged I am when it comes to getting on board with social media. I mean it took me 4 years to attempt to figure out how to use twitter and I’m still really not that good at it. Well, I have finally got on the instagram wave and let me just say “I love it!!”

I am completely obsessed with this new social media because as much as I love to write believe it or not sometimes I am at a loss for words and with instagram now I can catch those moments in a snap shot. It is possibly the best networking app yet if you ask me. I have only been on it for about a month now but I have quickly found many of the features and bonus apps that make it even more awesome. I know I sound like a big dork right now but it’s OK, I really am an advocate for instagram. They should make me a spokes person LOL.

If you don’t have it I suggest you get it because like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” LOL Catch me on instagram @reneevisions to follow all my crazy adventures that I am to lazy to write about, just kidding. But seriously check it out.



The 3rd Annual Ricky Trendy Xperience!

March 10, 2012 Jami and I went to experience the Ricky Trendy Fashion show at Bill Myers Castle in Branford, CT. It was a great show the designers were amazing my personal favorites were designs by Carmen Veal, Bucky and of course Mr. Trendy. Jenny Boom Boom’s daughter Sasha stole the show modeling Trendy shades – she was fierce. All in all it was a great show and I am happy I went. S/O to Rochelle McCall she was one of my favorites also!!

My ensemble! I liked the dress but I loved my Vince Camuto peep toe platform pumps even more!!!

My ensemble!!

Showstopper, Ms. Sasha - Photo courtesy of Scene Magazine

Sasha is the daughter of Hot 93.7 radio host Jenny Boom Boom. This little girl was so fierce she had her signature walk and everything. She was such a highlight to the show for me.
Me, Ricky Trendy & Jami

Me and Jami with Ricky Trendy the man behind the vision. He is super stylish, shades designed by him. It is a must that I get some ASAP!
Me & Host Tylon Hendricks

Host Tylon Hendricks has been a friend of my since grade school, I am so proud to see him doing his thing. He is blowing up the Atlanta scene now. #starpower

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Weird Place to find Inspiration…

There has been all these photos of inspirational quotes going around on Facebook. There are so many of them and I swear I have no idea where they are coming from. However I like a lot of them. Since there are so many that caught my attention I decided to save the few that really made me smile and share them with you. This is one that I saw today that made me think about my behavior. I am happy to say I have a good attitude 98% of the time. Again, you know my favorite quote, “I am human!” So we won’t discuss the details of the other 2%…LOL

Simple Math

Here are other’s that I really liked! Although there were many more.

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The Thick Chronicles

I’m officially a director! This weekend The Thick Chronicles went up and it was incredible! The first night we were sold out and the final night we came close to capacity. Needless to say we had a great crowd! There were so many people who came out to show their support it was so overwhelming. I was so proud of the cast they really did a wonderful job. Everyone put their best foot forward and delivered a phenomenal performance. I was very proud to say that I directed it.

I will admit, this was not an easy process. I have learned so much along the way. I have made some new friends and met people that I would love to work with again. Traveling this road there were moments when I questioned what I was doing and if I was even the right person for the job. I was challenged in ways that I never have been before. But in the end, I sat at the sound booth and watch the show go up and tears of joy came to my eyes and I knew at that moment I as doing exactly what I was supposed to do, I was made for this!

I was meant to be a part of this production with this cast and this crew, we became a family. Just as in any family we had our ups and downs, but we come together in the end and held each other up to shine as one. I am so blessed to be in a place where I can do what God has called me to do. There is nothing more fulfilling. I hope and pray that I am given more opportunities to do what God has placed in my heart. I hope that I always have to courage to follow my dreams and to never let anything or anyone stop me. I am human and there are times when I want to give up and run away but I pray for the strength to never stop as long as the passion is burning deep inside me I will not lose!

To my girls Brighter Than Before, Tracy, Alison, Jami & Toya; ladies you inspire me so much. I know that between the 5 of us (by the way 5 is my number) we are a force to be reckoned with. We are powerful beyond measure and there is no limit to what we are about to accomplish. We balance each other out so well that there is no way we can go wrong. I am excited to see what God has in store for us. The sky is not the limit it is the beginning. I love ya’ll!

Brighter Than Before (minus Jami and Toya)
Brighter Than Before (Jami, Me, Tracy)
Hawk, Diana, Laila, Ashley A, Tarishi
Me Directing
Hawk, Diana, Ashley A.
Taylor & Kelly
Host: Lynnette Johnson
The Set
Shireal Renee ism'

Twitter @byreneevisions

So I signed up for Twitter in 2009. Yes, three years ago but I actually started using it last year. The more I use it the more I actually like it. At first I just could not get into it. I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. Now I understand that it is just a part of the new age vomit of the mouth syndrome. For some reason this generation feels like they have to say everything that comes up in their heads. A wise woman once told me that, “everything that comes up, should not come out.” I live by that moto.

It is unfortunate that in today’s society people feel that they have to be vocal about their every thought. I call it the reality TV age. People are putting what use to be deemed as private out in the public. They are saying and doing whatever they feel, generally making fools of themselves just for 15 minutes of fame. It is kinda sad. Another way of selling your soul I guess. Now don’t get me wrong. I am very much ‘open’ myself. However I choose more artistic ways of telling on myself, LOL. Who is to say that what I do is not just as bad. I’m not judging just vomiting how I feel. I guess the point I am trying to make is maybe we as a generation should be more cautious of what comes out of our mouth (myself included).

The flip side of this is social networking is a great business tool. That’s how they sucked me in. I try to keep my personal life off of Facebook and Twitter. Although I will admit every now and then I am posting thoughts that have nothing to do with my business ventures. I just have to get a thing or two off my chest. Oh well, I guess I need to remember my Aunt’s advice a little more. But in the meantime anyone out there interested in my random thoughts and business ventures, you can check me out online.

Shireal Renee
Wide Open
The Things Inside Me

Twitter @byreneevisions

I promise I will try to keep it PG13 LOL


OOPS...Did I say that???