“Wide Open”: 9 Days (Promotion)

Feeling a little narrow-minded today.  Wide Open, Wide Open, Wide Open!  Nine days may as well be tomorrow. Friday February 28th and Saturday March 1st “Wide Open” goes up at Bregamos Community Theater, in New Haven.  Tickets can be purchased online here.  Hope to see you there.


“Wide Open”: 10 Days (Silence)

There are only 10 days left until “Wide Open” goes up in New Haven and I feel like I have been in a one of those bouncy houses that people have at children’s birthday parties.  Even when I am all alone my mind won’t stop the chatter.  God I pray that I can focus. ForContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 10 Days (Silence)”

“Wide Open”: 11 Days (Reflection)

I have kept journals since I was about 11 years old.  I wrote in them religiously.  There was a time when I wouldn’t leave the house without one.   Each journal that I had manifested a little piece of my destiny.  Yesterday I found an old journal of mine from 2003/2004.  When I opened itContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 11 Days (Reflection)”

“Wide Open”: Next Week (Panic)

After being up all night again  I finally crashed around 9am in a panic.  I looked at the calendar and realized that the show is now next week.  I started feeling all kinds of nervous.  A million questions started to flood my mind and needless to say I fell asleep with a migraine headache.  Don’t getContinue reading ““Wide Open”: Next Week (Panic)”

“Wide Open”: 13 Days (Anxious)

I’m ready to do this show.  I always get like this the closer it comes to showtime.  It’s like all my emotions start to fight with each other and I just want them to come out.  The outlet happens to be the stage.  It’s weird because I feel this way then when the show isContinue reading ““Wide Open”: 13 Days (Anxious)”