Moving Forward

For at least the last 5 years I have had a theme song for my life, which was, How Did You Get Here, by Deborah Cox. This was my theme song because in so many instances I’d found myself in situations where I would be asking that question. Sometimes it was a relationship others a business decision or any other random thing that may have been going wrong.  It was rarely compared to any of the many successes that I’ve had.

In the last couple of months I’ve found that I haven’t been hearing that song in my head anymore.  The song that has taken its place is a gospel song called, Moving Forward.  The opening lyrics to the song are…

I’m not going back…I’m moving ahead…I’m here to declare to you…My past is over…In you…Things are made new…Surrender my life to Christ…I’m moving, moving forward…

Even though I’ve always been very vocal about my relationship with God and yes this song is a gospel song this song being the new theme song for my life has to do not only with my always growing relationship with God but it also has to do with my new mindset on life as a whole.

At some point there was a change in me on how I viewed my life, relationships and the situations I found myself in.  My entire perspective has become more positive.  I’ve always been the one to practice what I preached but honestly it is not always easy being positive especially in a life as risky as mine where I am always taking chances with entrepreneurship, following a childhood dream or putting my heart on the line in love.  Those risks can easily have you asking yourself, “How did you get here.”

Finally I am in a place where I can accept my journey and how I got to where I am today.  I realize that everything that I’ve been through was necessary for where I am now and especially for where I am going. I understand that having imperfections actually make you perfect.  The story of my life has become the foundation of my career as a writer and without that story then I have no idea where I would be today.  I’ve learned so much! I have grown so much and continue to make major strides to becoming the woman I see in my dreams and now I know like never before the only way I will ever look at her in the mirror is to continue Moving Forward no matter what life throws at me, I’m not going back, I’m moving ahead…I’m moving, moving forward!




A Song From God

My niece Vera is serious about her name.  She does not like to be called anything but her name.  Pop always gets to her when he calls her a play name like, “cutie” or “shorty”.  She always replies, “that’s not my name, my name is Vera!” Now Vera is only 3-years-old but she sticks up for her name with conviction.  It is wonderful that at only 3-years-old she knows the importance of her name and she demands that no matter what the alternative nickname is she wants to be called only the name given to her.

I was thinking about all this because I was in the nail shop the other day and I sat next to this girl with the same name as mine.  I always get excited when I meet another Shireal since it’s not a very common name.  Anyway, she asked me did I know the meaning of our name and I told her the truth which was, no.  She told me that Shireal is a Hebrew name and it means A Song From God.  As soon as she said it a smile spread across my face.  Of all the things in the world that my name could have meant that had to be the most beautiful.

In learning this I began to think about my life and how God has made me a writer and what an amazing gift being a writer is.  Being a writer has truly turned my life into a well-composed song that I have had the privilege of being able to conduct.  I’ve written books, stories, poems, essays, movies and even songs.  Writing this song that is my life has saved me. I’ve always known that my story was already written – any believer in the Higher Power knows this, but to know that when my life was written it was as a melody from God, this knowledge has truly changed my perspective on how I live.

I want to make sure that the rest of my song is a Grammy winning song.  I want it to be written and translated into 50 different languages.  I want people singing the lyrics for generations that surpass my life in the flesh and transcends into my spirit life.  I want my song to be magnanimous!  I want it to teach, touch, guide and heal people to change lives and minds.  I want it to be worthy of being from God. I am so thankful today for my name SHIREAL! Renee.  A name I use to be ashamed of when I was a child, I wasn’t as brilliant as Vera at that age. As an adult I’ve learned to love my name and now that I know the meaning of it I know there is nothing not to love. Especially when it is A Song From God.

By Renee Visions: Bare Naked 2 Year Anniversary

Bare Naked is a poetic work of art.

Two years ago By Renee Visions Publishing House, had the honor of publishing our second book titled Bare Naked, written by the multi-talented poet, creator an actor,  Ms. Tracy “Mind.Evolution.” Caldwell (M.E.) If you have never had the chance to see M.E. perform then you have been missing out.  Simply said, she’s incredible.  She has the gift of stirring something up in you like great writers do.  It was a pleasure working with her.

ShirealRenee_barenakedimageBare Naked is raw.  M.E. opens up her soul and invites you in.  It’s heartfelt and original poetry tells a story  as M.E. gives you a tour through her life.  She doesn’t hold back and that is what makes her poetry so captivating. The name of the book is very suiting of a description without having to add any other words.

Mind.Evolution. the creator is the visionary and founder behind the hit play The Thick Chronicles: A Body Image Story.  This play is wonderful.  It educates, empowers and uplifts people to love who they are unconditionally, right now.   Just like her book it is raw and touching, funny and exciting.  Definitely a must see!

In celebration of the 2 year anniversary of, Bare Naked, By Renee Visions Publishing House will be holding a poetry contest.   The winner of the contest will receive:

– A new journal

– A copy of Bare Naked

– The winning poem will be published on &


**Deadline for submissions is Saturday May 31, 2014 at 11:59pm.  The winner will be announced on Sunday June 15, 2014.  


Sponsored by: By Renee Visions Publishing House.  Delivering dreams through words and inspiring people to voice their visions. 


“Wide Open”: Final day at Bregamos

Tonight is the final performance at Bregamos Community Theater.  Tickets are only available at the door.  This performance is going to go down in the record books so excited and humbled to have this opportunity to do “Wide Open” again.  I promise to dish all the emotional highs and lows of the weekend tomorrow.

See ya tonight. XOXO

WO Bregamos2