Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_9

This has been and interesting week. I just want to send my prayers out to all the people who were affected by the hurricane. There have been so many horror stories and it really saddens me to know that some people are still without electricity, food and water. I hope that this nightmare comes toContinue reading “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_9”


Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_8

Can’t believe this is episode 8 of Voyage to Oprah’s Couch. I feel like it was just last week that the idea came to me and now it is real. I am appreciating the feedback so much. Just the fact that people are taking time out of their lives to watch the show is mindContinue reading “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_8”

Voyage To Oprah’s Couch Ep_6

In episode 6 of Voyage to Oprah’s Couch I am pulled in as a stylist for the Main Avent Group’s “I Feel Free Makeover Contest”. Then we go inside the 2nd annual My People Clinical Services – Female Empowerment Conference and check out my workshop and highlights from the day. I am giving you allContinue reading “Voyage To Oprah’s Couch Ep_6”

Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_5

Episode 5 of Voyage to Oprah’s Couch is all about challenges! I personally am challenged everyday especially when it comes to my business affairs and personal upkeep. This week just seemed a little more overwhelming then the rest so I vent on some of those situations with you all. I also performed at Hot ChocolateContinue reading “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_5”