Next Level

Hey World,

I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. I worked and worked some more.  Finally late Saturday night I was able to catch up with my family for the last of the cookout festivities.  Hey, something is better than nothing.  I’ve been feeling very anxious lately about all the projects that I’ve been working on.  I use the word anxious instead of impatient because I understand that taking it to the next level requires patience.  I know that all the trials and tribulations were necessary but now I find myself being upset with myself if I take any downtime.

It’s like any moment that I am away from my work is a moment too long.  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing my work is constantly in the forefront of my mind.  The powerful thing about this is that God keeps sending me conformations that I am moving in the right direction.  I am thankful for signs because they come at the moments that I need them the most.

Some great things are happening though and as much as I hate to keep saying that without acknowledging what they are I really have to wait until they are set.  What I can say is Voyage to Oprah’s Couch is returning in September.  I have waited a long time to be ready to air season 2 but finally the September date is confirmed so look forward to that and hopefully all the exciting news that I have been withholding will be revealed then.  Until next time…XOXO



“Wide Open”: 7 Days (Examples)

Looking to you for motivation on this journey that few of us have faith enough to travel…

Dear Tyler Perry, 

You tell this story about a show that you did in Atlanta when you were first starting out.  It was one that you had such a bad feeling about, you were ready to throw in the towel and make that show your last.  Well, that’s how I’m feeling now. I have been doing my show “Wide Open” for the last five years on and off and I’m at a point now where I feel like giving up and making this my last show.

You know what keeps me going? Your testimony about that night in Atlanta.  My favorite part of that story is when you said you were talking to God about giving up and then you looked out the window and there was a line of people going around the building waiting to get into your show.  Praise the Lord! Thank you for your testimony.  Thank you for sticking to your dreams so that you could be a living example of what can happen when you don’t give up and you put all your trust in God.

I feel so connected to you spiritually.  I thank you for being so open and honest about your life, your struggles and your triumphs.  I believe in my heart that I too will find success through my artistic God-given talents.  I will follow your example and allow my life to be a testimony for others to know the power of God.  I also believe the day will come when I can thank you in person.  But until that day, please continue to be the wonderful example that you are so myself and others can always look to you for motivation on this journey that few of us have faith enough to travel.

Until we meet.  Thank you!


Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_11

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. For this episode of Voyage to Oprah’s Couch I decided to highlight them and hear what they have to say about me and my quest to success. We continue to track my weight loss however this week with all the Thanksgiving festivities I failed to lose any weight and actually put it back on. See for yourself how it all turned out.

Voyage to Oprah’s Couch Ep_10

Episode 10 of Voyage to Oprah’s Couch is a milestone! We are so excited to see week 10 it seems like only yesterday that VTOC was just an idea but we are here making it happen. Check out some out takes, bloopers and favorite moments of making the show happen.