(Shoe Crazy) The wonderful world of DESIGNER Shoes…

For all you “shoe freaks” who don’t mind dropping a couple hundred for your obsession I have to let you all know about a fab find that my friend Danielle put me on to.  Now any real shoe fanatic knows there is no price tag you can put on your shoes.  This is why designersContinue reading “(Shoe Crazy) The wonderful world of DESIGNER Shoes…”

My OWN Show on OPRAH’s New Network!

So, Oprah Winfrey who I, and many others have admired and loved all of our lives has offered an opportunity to give one lucky person their OWN show on her new O.W.N. network. Well, anyone who knows me knows there was absolutely no way I could pass up an opportunity like this.  And what isContinue reading “My OWN Show on OPRAH’s New Network!”