Closer and Closer

With only 2 days left before the show I am filled with mixed emotions. I know I can do it but I am just so nervous because of all of the press that we have gotten this time. Just today an article came out in the Hartford Advocate with a preview of the show, thanksContinue reading “Closer and Closer”


“Wide Open” Preview on Fox 61 Morning Show

It is so exciting that we are getting so much support from the community for the Encore of “Wide Open”. I have to admit it is a bit unbelievealbe. Things are happening so fast I don’t even have time to take it all in. Honestly I try not to think about it all because IContinue reading ““Wide Open” Preview on Fox 61 Morning Show”


As we get closer to the Encore performances of “Wide Open” I start to feel the nerves start to build up again. I really don’t know what to do with myself. This time it is different. I keep trying to look back and see how in the world I did it last time and nowContinue reading “Butterfly’s”

Fox 61’s CT Stan Simpson Discusses WIDE OPEN Stage Play w/ Shireal Renee

With the encore performance of the play coming up in 8 days we have been getting a lot of press around the show. Just Wednesday I was interviewed on Fox 61 Stan Simpson Show. Monday I will be back at Fox 61 for the morning show at 8am and a billboard will be going upContinue reading “Fox 61’s CT Stan Simpson Discusses WIDE OPEN Stage Play w/ Shireal Renee”