Closer and Closer

Preview of Wide Open in the Hartford Advocate

With only 2 days left before the show I am filled with mixed emotions. I know I can do it but I am just so nervous because of all of the press that we have gotten this time. Just today an article came out in the Hartford Advocate with a preview of the show, thanks to the fabulous Robert Cooper. The expectation that has been set is so high because we were blessed to get rave reviews on the debut, but now we must live up to those standards and deliver an even better show. I just pray that everything goes according to plan and we woo the audience once more. I claim two sold out shows left with standing ovations! That’s not to much to ask for is it??? LOL.

Wide Open Billboard on 91S

Thanks to our sponsor “The Tavern” we were able to get a billboard on interstate 91S. I almost cried when I saw it! It is amazing to see what God does for you when you just commit to doing what he put you here to do. I am still basking in the moment of everything that is happening. I sware the billboard turned me into a stalker because I was literally driving the highway just to look at it! It is so crazy to see myself up there like that. God is Good ALL THE TIME!

Mock of the billboard.

“Wide Open” Preview on Fox 61 Morning Show

Me & Sarah French
It is so exciting that we are getting so much support from the community for the Encore of “Wide Open”. I have to admit it is a bit unbelievealbe. Things are happening so fast I don’t even have time to take it all in. Honestly I try not to think about it all because I just get overwhelmed and nervous that the expectation is so high.

With only 3 days to the show I know that I have to crank it all up into overdrive so that we blow it out the park. Especially because the way it is looking we will be sold out both nights! That is incredible and I just thank God so much because he is responsible for all of this.

On Monday morning I was interviewed by Sarah French on Fox 61 morning show and leading man Tarishi “MIDNIGHT” Shuler was there by my side to perform the preview. I am so happy he was there because I was so nervous and he helped me to keep my composure. Check out our sneak preview below.

If you don’t have your tickets to the show yet make sure you get them now because they are going FAST. You can get them online at or at our box office NiRo Couture located at 95 Pratt St. Downtown Hartford.


I met The Simpsons...LOL
As we get closer to the Encore performances of “Wide Open” I start to feel the nerves start to build up again. I really don’t know what to do with myself. This time it is different. I keep trying to look back and see how in the world I did it last time and now how am I going to do it again.

I thank God for all the support I have gotten. Just Wednesday I was on Fox 61’s Stan Simpson show where I was formally introduced to the Mayor of Hartford Pedro Segarra and CT most well known sports broadcaster Scot Gray.

Scot Gray, Shireal Renee, Mayor Segarra, Stan Simpson

It was an exciting moment. It is amazing the places God is placing me and the people I am meeting just because I am doing what he has put in my heart to do. I trust that I will make it to the highest level possible as long as I continue to trust God and follow what my heart tells me to do.

As much as I trust that I am on the right path…let me tell you how it is so scary the “known, unknown” is what I call it. You know your visions but the path is unknown because you have never traveled it before. Although I have already done “Wide Open” and many felt like it was a successful show it still does not take the pressure off doing it again, and this time I have to do it TWICE! I know I can do it, but again it is still new, my words are still new, this experience is still new. The only thing that is not new is the emotions…they are very well known. So I am trusting that God will bless me to be able to deliver a powerful, emotional show to all who comes out. I know that I am not at all in control of what is happening or what is about to happen. All I can do is be as prepared as possible. Even that has been tough this time around.

I have been so wrapped up on trying to make the show and the presentation of the show bigger and better that I feel like I am falling short on the preperation of the performance. It is really tough being an executive producer and star of a show. I find myself more focused on the business aspect of the show then the performance and I absolutely can not let that happen.

So God I ask you to turn my butterfly’s into focus! Please God train my mind, control my appitite for life and clear my nerves. Help me to understand I can only do what I can and let you do the rest. I am asking this prayer with the most sincere plead I can send up. I need you right now God! Help me to focus!!!! Even if the butterfly’s never go away let me fly amoungst them.

The Fox 61 Green Room

Fox 61’s CT Stan Simpson Discusses WIDE OPEN Stage Play w/ Shireal Renee

With the encore performance of the play coming up in 8 days we have been getting a lot of press around the show. Just Wednesday I was interviewed on Fox 61 Stan Simpson Show. Monday I will be back at Fox 61 for the morning show at 8am and a billboard will be going up on Airport Rd. in Hartford. I am very excited and can not wait until the show. I am getting very anxious!

Check out my interview with Stan Simpson below!

The show will air on CT Fox 61 on Saturday January 29th at 6:30am…