Happy Birthday Dr. King!


It is hard to imagine what life would be like had it not been for the sacrifices of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Today, people around the world take time out to reflect on his life, his wisdom and his vision for a better future.

As a black person I will admit that I’ve always looked at Dr. King’s life and the Civil Rights Movement as a “black thing”.  I’ve always associated the Civil Rights Movement with the deaths of black men, women and children; and with the hardships and suffering that black people were subjected too.  I never took the time out to see the whole picture.  I sadly admit that it was not until I saw the movie Selma that my eyes were truly opened. For those of you who have not had a chance to see Selma I strongly encourage you to go out and see it.

As a writer I was thoroughly impressed by the screenplay – well done Paul Webb (apart from one scene that I felt was unnecessary towards the purpose of the movie) for the most part it was an excellent depiction of the factual events that occurred in Selma, AL  in 1965 and the outcome of those actions.  Without divulging all the details I will say that the movie showed that the Civil Rights Movement was not a “black thing” but the Civil Rights Moment was a “human thing”.

Dr. King’s dream was not a “black thing” it was a dream for all humanity that continues to change to world and inspire us today. I am so thankful for his life and commitment to our human rights. Had it not been for his vision and the sacrifices that he made I would not be able to live the life that I do. I would not be able to chase my dreams like I do. He is the face of not only the Civil Rights Movement but he is the face of the human life movement. Happy Birthday Dr. King may your legacy live on to encourage and inspire generations and generations forever.


My Puppy (Bear)

Bear wouldn’t sit down in the cart at Target he likes to see what’s going on.

Pop got me a puppy for Christmas!  I was trying my hardest not to be the cliché dog owner, who always talks about their dog, takes thousands of pictures of it and just flat out becomes obsessed…but I can’t help it.  I love, love, love my puppy!!

He is so adorable and his little face just melts my heart.  All I want to do is cuddle with him.  Yes, I cuddle with him.  He is so darn cute I can’t take it. Bear has such a personality too.  He’s sweet and loves people.  Yet he’s feisty and can be obnoxious at times.  He is a perfect combination – a dog made just for me.  He has totally stolen my heart.  So there, I got it out.  I’ve added a picture of him so he can steal your heart too.


Tests of Faith

My faith is being tested. I’m living in one of those moments right now where all I have is a mustered seed. I know God says he won’t put more on you then you can bare but I feel my knees giving out. What sucks is I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I find myself doing the same things over and of yet wishing for different results. They call that insanity. I’m trying to fight through all these negative feelings but for some reason I just keep getting pulled back. I have to figure a way out.

I’m begging for God to show me a way out. Help me multiply my faith. Help me gather strength up that I never knew I had. I know it’s in there somewhere. I know it is. I’ve been in worse places than this and I’ve made it out. What am I afraid of now? What is it? What is it?

Don’t Put Off Your Destiny

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

– Jean de La Fontaine

What is it about the idea of destiny?   If your destiny is already written then how do so many of us miss the path?  Do we just ignore the signs, push off that feeling in our spirits and choose to live our lives the way we want to live too?  What about those of us who seem to be fulfilling their destiny but on the inside they are sad and unfulfilled are they really living their destiny?

I most likely will never know the answer to any of these questions.  I suppose everybody’s opinion about destiny is different.  However when I heard this quote it really made me think about the choices that I’m making in my life and if they are indeed the road to my “destiny”.   Many of the experiences that I’ve been through leads me to believe that I have taken a road or two to avoid my destiny, not on purpose, but still a detour.

This quote has weighed heavily on my heart for a few days and now I must let it go.  I must trust that I am doing everything in my power to take the right path at this point in my life.  Or at least I am trying too.  I will go on believing that my life has already been written and no matter what choices I make whether they right or wrong I will eventually meet my fate because it has already been decided for me.  Life is such a mystery and I can’t spend too many of my days trying to figure it out because if I did then I would be wasting precious time when I could be doing something more productive.  So on that note – I’m done.