Moving Forward

For at least the last 5 years I have had a theme song for my life, which was, How Did You Get Here, by Deborah Cox. This was my theme song because in so many instances I’d found myself in situations where I would be asking that question. Sometimes it was a relationship others a business decision or any other random thing that may have been going wrong.  It was rarely compared to any of the many successes that I’ve had.

In the last couple of months I’ve found that I haven’t been hearing that song in my head anymore.  The song that has taken its place is a gospel song called, Moving Forward.  The opening lyrics to the song are…

I’m not going back…I’m moving ahead…I’m here to declare to you…My past is over…In you…Things are made new…Surrender my life to Christ…I’m moving, moving forward…

Even though I’ve always been very vocal about my relationship with God and yes this song is a gospel song this song being the new theme song for my life has to do not only with my always growing relationship with God but it also has to do with my new mindset on life as a whole.

At some point there was a change in me on how I viewed my life, relationships and the situations I found myself in.  My entire perspective has become more positive.  I’ve always been the one to practice what I preached but honestly it is not always easy being positive especially in a life as risky as mine where I am always taking chances with entrepreneurship, following a childhood dream or putting my heart on the line in love.  Those risks can easily have you asking yourself, “How did you get here.”

Finally I am in a place where I can accept my journey and how I got to where I am today.  I realize that everything that I’ve been through was necessary for where I am now and especially for where I am going. I understand that having imperfections actually make you perfect.  The story of my life has become the foundation of my career as a writer and without that story then I have no idea where I would be today.  I’ve learned so much! I have grown so much and continue to make major strides to becoming the woman I see in my dreams and now I know like never before the only way I will ever look at her in the mirror is to continue Moving Forward no matter what life throws at me, I’m not going back, I’m moving ahead…I’m moving, moving forward!




The Power of Prayer & Positive Thinking

Be relentless in your pursuit for greatness, keep positive, have a great attitude and good things will come your way.

-Food Network

I’ve made some major strides in my businesses over the last couple months. It’s because I have been focusing pretty much all of my energy into them.  Last year I set a goal for myself of transformation.  When I put that goal into the universe I was looking for change in all areas of my life, health, business and relationships. When I reflect back over the last year I can truly say that change has come.

I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and positive thinking.  I will admit I can do better in the prayer department but I am great at positive thinking.  For instance, as of late Renee Shopping Services has picked up a lot of new business and as business grows we find ourselves running into new challenges.  Just the other day something happened at the bank that we weren’t expecting that put my partner and I in a bit of a funk.  That lasted for about ten minutes but we quickly started to talk through the situation and totally spun it in a positive direction. Immediately after that we set an appointment with a new client.  I know this happened because we changed our attitudes, instead of letting that situation spoil the rest of our day we made light of it pressed on and a new connection came about.

There are so many wonderful things happening in my life.  Just that fact that I have life and health is wonderful. The truth is that some situations I’m dealing with right now are not ideal; someone else may think they’re horrible.  But I refuse to think like that.  I am surrounded by family who love and care for me, I am aggressively working towards my goals, living my dreams and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.  I have total faith in God and know that his plan is always so much better than my own. No challenge is too big, no goal too far.  Trust in yourself, trust in God and know you always have something to be thankful for. It could always be worse.

Stay Positive,


Shireal “RENEE” – The Brand

Renee logos

As an artist I’ve always used my real name.  What’s funny is I have a nickname that my family calls me but never once have I ever thought to use that as a public figure name even though while I was in grade school everyone including my teachers called me by my nickname.  The moment I moved away to college I started using my real name – I become Shireal when I was eighteen.  There was never any motive behind it it’s just what felt right.

Shireal Renee is my legal first and middle name.  I was named after both of my aunts, my mother’s sister who is Shireat and my father’s sister who is Renee.  My aunt Shireat’s name somehow along the years has been pronounced Sharelle so many times that we all just ended up calling her that.  So my mother named me Shireal spelled like Shireat replacing the (t) with a (l) and pronouncing it Sharelle after the name my aunt has adopted. It’s all so very complicated but that’s how it is.  Maybe that’s why I am so complicated.  As far as the name Renee that has always been easier road traveled in my names sake.

Now that you have the history of my name let me explain the branding. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur I always envisioned myself as a household name, but not just as an artist.  I knew it would never be enough for me to be known as a great talent I always wanted to leave something behind for my grandchildren – a real legacy a brand.  In doing so I decided that my businesses would all be under the “Renee” band umbrella.

Almost ten years ago I had a vision that was By Renee Visions (BRV).  I decided that my first company would be called BRV using the word visions because I would create and establish every vision that God gave me.  The first company was the publishing company so it is my heart. BRV is the vessel that keeps my blood flowing through my body.  As an author it is my therapeutic outlet and as a businesswoman it is my way to give other authors an opportunity to become fulfilled in the writing community.

Five years, four books and a DVD later God gave me the vision to start Renee Shopping Services (RSS).  This time sending conformation that the Renee brand was his word by sending me a business partner who was also a Renee.  Again God gave me a vision that would serve others solidifying to me that I am one of Gods servants.  It is through service that I will find my greatest success and truly fulfill my purpose in this world.

The “RENEE” brand is just getting started.  There are so many other visions that God has given me.  One thing I have learned along this journey is they will all take a lot of hard work, patience, dedication and an enormous amount of faith.  I am excited to see what God has in store for Shireal Renee and all of the Renee ventures.  But for now I am putting all of my focus in developing the visions that he has already blessed me with. One vision will fuel the next until one day there will be an overflow and the Renee brands will become the answers to so many people’s prays.  All this will be done in God’s time.  In the meantime I will continue to do his works and stay faithful to the visions.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way. / 

Renee Shopping Services, LLC

small rss_logo_2

I have been talking a lot about a venture that I had to keep quiet for a while, truthfully there are a few, but finally I am able to introduce one of them, Renee Shopping Services, LLC.   For almost a year myself and my two business partners have been working hard on starting up this company, after putting in months of work and dedication we are finally open for business.

Ok, now let me tell you some background on how this all began.

First and foremost this idea came to me in a vision like all of my bright ideas do, LOL.  I was working at Macy’s as a personal shopper and initially I thought I had the best job in the world.  Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the actual personal shopping part of the job however just like any corporate position after being there for a while the position became less about helping people and more about the bottom line than anything else.  I’ve never considered myself a salesperson so trying to force myself into that role was painful.  All I really wanted to do was make people happy for helping them find what they needed.

So after months of misery and praying for God to show me a way out one night an idea popped in my head that could not be ignored. I jumped up and started writing a plan that had been developing for a while and I didn’t even know it. When I was finished I had devised a complete shopping service that would change the face of the personal shopping community. This was a service that was truly there to help people and not to sell them things.  A service that would assist elders that I had encountered who had been overwhelmed exploring huge shopping malls.  This service that would not only encourage style but it would exemplify customer service and convenience.   This service would do everything from grocery shopping to personal styling – a service here to serve.

I am so excited about Renee Shopping Services! I know the value of true customer service from years of being behind the counter and in front of it. Our vision is to provide ordinary people with the same shopping luxuries as celebrities.   We will make this happen one client at a time.  Please take a moment to check out our website  Everyone can benefit from one of our services, find out which one works best for you. Until next time, happy shopping!