New Chapters

Closing out the final chapters of my new book is opening up new chapters in my life.  I’ve worked so hard leading up to this moment.  I have been so faithful trusting in the visions that God have given me and I honestly believe that this will be the turn in my circumstances that I’ve been waiting for.   Quite frankly I need this change.  I refuse for any other outcome besides the one I have been planning for.  When you make up your mind that you will not take “no” for an answer then there is truly no stopping you.

Let me just say these last chapters have been a beast.  I don’t know why finishing something is always the hardest part of a process.  Or does it just feel like it?  Maybe it is just the excitement of what is to come, the anticipation of closing a chapter and opening another.  All I know is I am excited and terrified all in one. However my excitement fuels my ambitions and sparks the flame in on my desires and I will use this to take my passions to the next level.



True Colors

It is a very unfortunate thing when someone lies to you about who they are. However it’s even worse when they lie to themselves.   I have been very fortunate to always know who I was.  Even in my darkest moments there was always a glimmer of myself burning through to guide me.   I guess some people lie to others for so long that they begin to believe their lies – I hate liars!  They make my skin crawl!

I try to not use the word hate but my vocabulary is not advanced enough for me to describe my content for liars with any other word.  I’d rather be lacking in intelligence than to be a liar because at least I can cure my incompetence with knowledge.  I find it hard to believe that a liar can just stop lying.  Being a liar is a character flaw.  It is a part of who someone’s core make-up.  You would think they could just stop by simply telling the truth. But if a lie is so deeply embedded into their lives imagine how many other lies they had to tell just to cover that one up.  I would presume they would be digging for quiet sometime just to find the origin of the original lie.

I am so disgusted with this subject that I choose to not dwell on this topic for too long for the fear of just thinking about liars too long makes me nervous of being infected.  I must keep myself in quarantine from these dangerous people.  They will surely one day destroy you if you keep them around for too long.  Beware of liars, as you should of snakes. They both have three of the same traits, they slither into your life striking when you are least expecting it, their venom is poisonous and if you keep them around long enough they will most definitely show their true colors.

Simple Questions

The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.

– William Shakespeare

I was on Pintrest the other day and I came across this inspirational post.  It was a simple list of questions that resonated with me.  I loved them so much that I decided to apply them to life on a daily basis.  The questions were…


  • What did I do for my mind?
  • What did I do for my body?
  • What did I do for my spirit?
  • What did I do for my relationships?
  • What did I do for my creativity my passion?

As I read the questions over and over I knew that God had sent me this message for a reason.  Sometime you just have to make things as simple as possible.  To live a happy, healthy life you must take things as they come.  Growth is a daily activity not something that you do once in a while, it is something that you must work at every single day.  I know that I can be very hard on myself and every once in a while I allow myself to be overcome by worry and depression but I have to stop that.  There is no progression in digression.  Being hard on myself about what happened yesterday and worrying about what could happen tomorrow are very unproductive traits so from now on everyday I will work on being the person that God has put me here to be by asking myself these simple questions.  If I don’t have an answer to them then I know I didn’t do my best today at becoming better and I have no one to blame but myself.

Ask yourself these questions.  Do you have answers?  You should!


Tests of Faith

My faith is being tested. I’m living in one of those moments right now where all I have is a mustered seed. I know God says he won’t put more on you then you can bare but I feel my knees giving out. What sucks is I can’t blame anyone but myself.

I find myself doing the same things over and of yet wishing for different results. They call that insanity. I’m trying to fight through all these negative feelings but for some reason I just keep getting pulled back. I have to figure a way out.

I’m begging for God to show me a way out. Help me multiply my faith. Help me gather strength up that I never knew I had. I know it’s in there somewhere. I know it is. I’ve been in worse places than this and I’ve made it out. What am I afraid of now? What is it? What is it?

Watching Over My Life From A Distance

There is a song by Deborah Cox called, “How did you get here?” For the longest time I use to say that song was the theme song for my life.  But lately that song has begun to fade because I know exactly how I got to where I am now.  There is no need in playing the victim.  I made my choices, I knew right from wrong.  Yes, there may be some kind of divine reasoning behind why I chose the paths that I did but no matter how you slice the cake you can still get diabetes from the sugar.

About ten years ago I looked into a mirror and swore to myself my destiny was so close I could touch it.  But if your story’s already written then why would you have to reach out and touch it?  Aren’t you just it?  Everything that you do in your life on any given day at every moment is you living your destiny.  It’s just a matter of you accepting your truth.  You are your destiny; every day that you are here on this earth you are living the story. What I am noticing now is that has always been so unbelievably clear is that your destiny is what you make it.

I wake up everyday chasing these visions that I can’t get out of my head. I’ve been chasing them for so long that I don’t even know how not to.  I over think every decision I make because I am terrified to do something to throw off the balance or distract the journey.   My fear comes from past mistakes.  I know that I’ve done things that have taken me the long way but today I take one way streets, no u-turns, stay away from traffic jams and keep my gas tank of full.  I know now I have to treat my life like an endangered species.  Protect it like a rare jewel because as far as I know I only get one shot at this.  If I don’t write this story correctly then what does that say of my destiny?  What does that say of me?

If fate is the end than I am watching my life from a distance ensuring that I reach it the way I see it in my dreams. God is my overseer but I am the gatekeeper of my life.  I am the one who he gave the free will.  My sixth sense is watching, my instincts leading me, checking all the dark corners, putting visitors through metal detectors and making sure I travel safe. For I am greatness so every single day I have to live my life this way.   “How did you get here?” can no longer be my theme song now the lyrics I will sing are, “I was here I’ve lived, I’ve loved.  I was here I’ve did, I’ve done everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be I will leave my mark so everyone will know I was here!” – Beyonce