Gianna Marie’

Introducing the latest addition to my family…my new God Daughter Ms. Gianna Marie’ Grant…Ahhh isn’t she just the most beautiful baby you ever did see.

Gianna Marie' (1) Day Old
Gianna's First Day Home

This is what life is all about.  Living for those new moments and learning how to adjust to change, grow and become better for the new additions to your life experience.

Love and Be Loved!!!


It’s A Girl!!

I’m posting this announcement without any pictures to post yet, but my best friend Tena is now the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl.  Welcome to the world Ms. Gianna ??? Grant…lol she doesn’t have a middle name yet.  She was born Wednesday May 19, 2010.  May babies are the absolute best.  To bad she missed the Gemini mark but that’s OK she’s still born in my FAV month of May.

In my business world today was a great.  I went down to the Wadsworth in Downtown Hartford with Joe, Kyle, Geannetta, Denise and Olivia to see the portrait of  Joe Young mounted on the lawn of the museum.  It is a really great look for Joe and the Diamond Ruff project.  And as always when with Joe I made some great networks.  I met the people at the Wadsworth, Debbie who is like the Director over there and the PR person Kim.  I am thinking about having the “Wide Open” Show there.  I will have to speak with Debbie about details but if it is not to bad that may be the place.

Now I am in New Haven with Blazze working on the book, “A Pretty Girl’s Bullsh**”.  The first draft is almost complete and I am so excited.  Everything is right on schedule for an August release.  Lets just put the details in God’s hands and we will play our position and have the book ready when it is time for printing.

Life is changing everyday so just ride…don’t complain….Great things are happening, blessings are pouring down and success is “creeping in without a sound”…LOL

Something New

I find myself growing as  an  artist, yet still looking for my rhythm as a woman.  When it comes to business and my craft I push myself, explore new ventures, overwhelm myself with projects and continue to see success.  Yet, in my every day basic decisions I find myself trapped.    I am looking back at my life and the world wind that I have endured and the spinning seems to have dropped me back off at a location I have visited before.  The view from the inside out is completely different from the opposite view.  But that’s OK, cause I know what it is time to do…it is time to do “Something New”. (What does that mean?)

In every aspect of my life I have to explore change.  Find peace and serenity.  Does it exist?  I am not sure.  Shall I seek it, I have no choice.

Other new things.  My best friend Tena is due to have her baby on May 13th.  Wow.  how life changes, just…like…that… Her new addition will be a huge something new in my life; but even more her life.  I am happy she had her child before me so I can learn from all she goes through.

So the point is that it is time for something new, a new level in my career, a new move in my ladder of success, a new level of health, a commitment to spiritual growth; Something New 360 degrees.

“It’s been a long, long time coming but I know, change gone come”

It’s Coming…

Crash and Burn

For some reason, I believe in my mind that I am Superwoman! I really think I can do everything…or at least most things.  See because when I see the visions in my head they are so clear and simple; but the real execution is actually very intricate and detailed.  Therefore, I find myself caught up in what I will call a “CLUTTER of Circumstance”, the story of my life.

April was a huge month.  The benefit dinner was a huge success, DJ Buck was paid $20 to do the electric slide.  He was so cute as he shuffled and dipped his way around the dance floor.  Geannetta looked beautiful and shone with grace of a true diva…you  know when you hold it down all night in heels.  Hummm…I am a pro!  But say what you may, I won’t change, I love my heels. 🙂 Anywho, the event was great.

The next day about 400 people showed up to the casting call to audition for the “Diamond Ruff” feature film.  It was amazing.  It truly showed the hunger for artistic expression is thriving in Hartford.  I am just excited to be a part of the machine.

Immediately after I rushed over to Trinity on Main for the CT debut of Jermaine Smith’s, “Cooking in Yesterday’s Grease”.  There was a good turn out everyone enjoyed the show and left happy.  All in all I learned a lot and can’t wait to bring his play, “A Piece of Me” to Hartford.

Red Shoe Exposures really did it’s thing thing that weekend.

I have also decided to do a photo album on my facebook page called, “Shoe Crazy”…need I say more.  I am going to document all the shoes that I wear to my different events and appearances.  They are a part of this journey that I want you all to experience.

Cull Books Book Signing
Musiology Marriage and Music
NE Video DVD Release

Ahhhhh….I Luv, Luv, Luv my Shoes!!!

SO what’s next???

Here’s a blast of things to come this summer in one breath…May 17th through June 17 “Joe Young’s 30 Day Book Signing campaign”, May 29th “Shashamane Foundation’s Annual Fashion Show”, June 26th the World Premier of the “Wide Open” show….August 27th “A Pretty Girl’s Bullshi*” book release extravaganza…wew…this summer is going to be crazy.

I will keep you up to date.  Until next time…Smooches

Shashamane Foundation Fashion Show

Amazing…Jump In

Today… was one of those days when just wake up on the right side of the bed.  Everything pretty much went smoothly.  I got a lot of work done and managed to make a final dicision on somthing very important in my career (Actually 2 things…wink – that’s another story).

Once upon a time when I was still wearing pig tales I had a vision that I could see clear as day.  When I reached out my hand I touched it, and when I took a step forward I was walking in it.  Now today as I continue on that path I am taking a step into deep water and I am so very ready to jump in.

OPEN Cover

Open – pg. 153

“I don’t remember any pain, any fear, any suffering; just that small still vice that said jump in, that light that kept me, and my Father rescuing me.  So now, with this opportunity in front of me, I’m ready to learn how to swim. I accpet your opportunity Lord. Now I’m Open…Ready to Let Life ~N~”

It is like I can not believe today is today, I have to pintch myself to make sure I am awake.  But I am…my eyes are Open and everything is just Amazing.