My Puppy (Bear)

Bear wouldn’t sit down in the cart at Target he likes to see what’s going on.

Pop got me a puppy for Christmas!  I was trying my hardest not to be the cliché dog owner, who always talks about their dog, takes thousands of pictures of it and just flat out becomes obsessed…but I can’t help it.  I love, love, love my puppy!!

He is so adorable and his little face just melts my heart.  All I want to do is cuddle with him.  Yes, I cuddle with him.  He is so darn cute I can’t take it. Bear has such a personality too.  He’s sweet and loves people.  Yet he’s feisty and can be obnoxious at times.  He is a perfect combination – a dog made just for me.  He has totally stolen my heart.  So there, I got it out.  I’ve added a picture of him so he can steal your heart too.



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