The Power of Prayer & Positive Thinking

Be relentless in your pursuit for greatness, keep positive, have a great attitude and good things will come your way.

-Food Network

I’ve made some major strides in my businesses over the last couple months. It’s because I have been focusing pretty much all of my energy into them.  Last year I set a goal for myself of transformation.  When I put that goal into the universe I was looking for change in all areas of my life, health, business and relationships. When I reflect back over the last year I can truly say that change has come.

I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and positive thinking.  I will admit I can do better in the prayer department but I am great at positive thinking.  For instance, as of late Renee Shopping Services has picked up a lot of new business and as business grows we find ourselves running into new challenges.  Just the other day something happened at the bank that we weren’t expecting that put my partner and I in a bit of a funk.  That lasted for about ten minutes but we quickly started to talk through the situation and totally spun it in a positive direction. Immediately after that we set an appointment with a new client.  I know this happened because we changed our attitudes, instead of letting that situation spoil the rest of our day we made light of it pressed on and a new connection came about.

There are so many wonderful things happening in my life.  Just that fact that I have life and health is wonderful. The truth is that some situations I’m dealing with right now are not ideal; someone else may think they’re horrible.  But I refuse to think like that.  I am surrounded by family who love and care for me, I am aggressively working towards my goals, living my dreams and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.  I have total faith in God and know that his plan is always so much better than my own. No challenge is too big, no goal too far.  Trust in yourself, trust in God and know you always have something to be thankful for. It could always be worse.

Stay Positive,



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