Live to Love & Love to Live

Day after day I find myself wondering if I am living up to my full potential. Lately my answer has been “No, no I’m not”. Even though I have always prided myself on being a risk taker, an innovator, somewhat fearless and a dream chaser; none of that feels enough now.

Life is changing so much the older I get. The choices that I made in the past are not the same choices I can make now. Things have to make sense even when I am making a choice based on faith. The luxury of risky decision-making done in my youth would now be looked at as careless mistakes. Now, I have to completely change my way of thinking.

So how do I do it? I have decided that I will live to love. Although everything in life is requiring more work and more effort than ever before, I have to love what I do for work. If I am going to dedicate 40-120 hours a week somewhere I have to be completely in love with it. It has to be so fulfilling that it doesn’t seem like work at all. I have to enjoy exercising and eating mouth watering heart healthy meals. I must go outside, spend time with family and friends who support me, and appreciate all life’s gifts. I will only surround myself with people who are adding to my existence, and not waste my time with people who leech off of my creative energy. Everything I do will be in love and in happiness.

I will love to live. Life is so precious. It is the most priceless gift that was ever given. I will take advantage of everyday I am blessed to live. I will make smart decisions and take informed risks. I will dance, sing, run, jump, smile, laugh, and make a fool of myself all in the name of love. I will spread love and I will be loving to everyone I come across because what’s the point in living if you are not living to love and loving to live? Think about it…


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