Living In The Real World

Sometimes you have to fall off the grid to find your place in the world. I’d rather work everyday and fight for the woman I see in my dreams than to willow away in a land of confusion pretending to be someone that I’m not. My grandmother passed away last week.  Her passing has changed me.  It’s almost like she passed along her strength to me.  I feel like I can make it through anything.  I can stand up against any obstacle overcome any adversity that may stand in my way because she was a survivor.  Just knowing that I come from her makes me feel so powerful.  I will not allow anyone to walk over me or make me feel lesser, insecure or unworthy.  I have absolutely zero tolerance for drama and confusion.  I will trust my instincts and stay on the path to my destiny because if I am not staying true to who I am then I may as well kill myself.

I was watching a show called, Parenthood and one of the charters said, “When you find your purpose it’s like a life raft in the stormy sea of life.” Those words really resonated with me.  I totally understand how your passion can carry you through your darkest moments.  In all of my writings I talk about how my artistry has saved my life and my sanity time and time again.  No matter how low I find myself I can always find my way out through the gifts that God has given me.  My passion keeps me alive.  My passion keeps me pushing forward to see another day in hopes that I will one day be that woman that I see in my dreams.  As long as I have breath in my body I will keep pressing on.  I know that sometimes I can find myself living in this little bubble of safety to protect myself from the horrors of reality but it is time to live in the real world and conquer it like my grandmother did!


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