New Chapters

Closing out the final chapters of my new book is opening up new chapters in my life.  I’ve worked so hard leading up to this moment.  I have been so faithful trusting in the visions that God have given me and I honestly believe that this will be the turn in my circumstances that I’ve been waiting for.   Quite frankly I need this change.  I refuse for any other outcome besides the one I have been planning for.  When you make up your mind that you will not take “no” for an answer then there is truly no stopping you.

Let me just say these last chapters have been a beast.  I don’t know why finishing something is always the hardest part of a process.  Or does it just feel like it?  Maybe it is just the excitement of what is to come, the anticipation of closing a chapter and opening another.  All I know is I am excited and terrified all in one. However my excitement fuels my ambitions and sparks the flame in on my desires and I will use this to take my passions to the next level.



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