True Colors

It is a very unfortunate thing when someone lies to you about who they are. However it’s even worse when they lie to themselves.   I have been very fortunate to always know who I was.  Even in my darkest moments there was always a glimmer of myself burning through to guide me.   I guess some people lie to others for so long that they begin to believe their lies – I hate liars!  They make my skin crawl!

I try to not use the word hate but my vocabulary is not advanced enough for me to describe my content for liars with any other word.  I’d rather be lacking in intelligence than to be a liar because at least I can cure my incompetence with knowledge.  I find it hard to believe that a liar can just stop lying.  Being a liar is a character flaw.  It is a part of who someone’s core make-up.  You would think they could just stop by simply telling the truth. But if a lie is so deeply embedded into their lives imagine how many other lies they had to tell just to cover that one up.  I would presume they would be digging for quiet sometime just to find the origin of the original lie.

I am so disgusted with this subject that I choose to not dwell on this topic for too long for the fear of just thinking about liars too long makes me nervous of being infected.  I must keep myself in quarantine from these dangerous people.  They will surely one day destroy you if you keep them around for too long.  Beware of liars, as you should of snakes. They both have three of the same traits, they slither into your life striking when you are least expecting it, their venom is poisonous and if you keep them around long enough they will most definitely show their true colors.


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