Beware of Snakes – A message to young people

A snake bit me once. It slivered into my life slowly and calm wearing the disguise of a trustworthy friend. This snake knew all the right moves to make, it knew all the right things to say, dressed smooth, spoke slick and dazzled its way into my heart. This snake even fooled the people around me into thinking its intentions were pure. It was very calculated in its actions making sure I was never let on to its true colors. Yes, this snake was clever.

Then one day when I least expected it, when I was so caught up in its embrace it wrapped its body around me tightly tricking me into thinking it was a warm, gentle embrace and quickly it struck me. It bit me with teeth so sharp and precise my skin immediately split open, blood pouring out fast because it struck a deadly vein. I could feel the life rushing out of me, my body became cold, and my breath became short. I couldn’t do anything but call out for Gods help. I prayed for a way out of the trap that I had found myself in because I knew that without God I would surly find death on the other side of this mess.

Luckily for me God heard me and I am alive today to tell this story. The story of a naive, immature, hard headed girl who thought she knew everything but really didn’t have a clue. This is the true story of a girl who was saved because of Gods mercy and his grace, the story of a girl who was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Today I just want to warn you pay attention to the signs. I want you to ask questions and really listen to the answers you are given. If you find yourself trying to figure out what in the world the person is talking about then it’s probably not true. Don’t be blinded by gifts you can get for yourself like early morning coffee, or meals, jewelry or clothing. Trust me it feels so much better when you can say you worked hard for it and got it on your own. In the long run those gifts are not worth your life. And most importantly DO NOT, DO NOT sell yourself short and let them into your temple because that is one entry that you cannot take back. Please know you are worth so much more.

These snakes are everywhere and as wonderful as they may seem at the moment they are deadly. I beg you to follow your instincts don’t be fooled by charm because if you are not a trained snake charmer you have no business playing with these venomous animals. Beware, use caution, and listen to others because the third eye can always see more clearly. I pray for you in this dangerous world and I encourage you to please, please, please beware of snakes.


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