A Reason

I received a message today from a man who attended my play “Wide Open” with a friend of his.  For confidentiality purposes I am not going to reveal their names but I truly have to tell this story.  To sum up the message he said he attended my show with a friend of his and by the end of the show she confessed to him that she was being abused and they both broke down in tears.   Soon after he asked me if he could send me her whole story and I eagerly replied, yes! Please!

After reading her story I was the one in tears.   She revealed to me that when she attended my show she had been in an abusive relationship for ten years and after seeing the show it gave her the courage to get out of that relationship.  She expressed that she is still recovering but everyday she is getting stronger, then she thanked me for doing “Wide Open” because that gave her the motivation she needed to leave.

Her story took my breath away!  The one thing that I always asked God for was to please let my story help someone.  I never wanted to do my show, or write a book or poetry or anything in vain.  I try to do everything with purpose.  If I feel what I’m doing is not for a bigger purpose than myself than I stop.   I have been having a hard time writing lately one reason for that is my grandmother is really sick.  I’m afraid to write because all I can think about is her and I don’t want to write down the reality of her situation because I’m just not ready for that right now.

Thankfully God always sends me a reason to write and today he sent me this woman’s story.  So I just want to take a moment out to say thank you to her.  Thank you so much for trusting me with your story.  Thank you for allowing my story to encourage and strengthen you, thank you for being my reason to write today.  Isn’t it funny how powerful we are? We help each other just by being open and honest and today you truly helped me.  I appreciate you and I love you.  Please know you can do anything through God who strengthens us.  Lets become our greatest selves together.  Thank you for being my reason! Be blessed.



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