You Better Breathe: Part 2

The nurse practitioner entered the room along with the CNA who was carrying the sherbet that grandma requested. The nurse practitioner was an older petite woman with salt and pepper colored hair. She had a very pleasant smile and made sure she flashed it at everyone in the room before she began to speak. The CNA handed grandma her sherbet and then quietly exited the room.

“You’re very lucky Mrs. Lewis. When you came in here last week we almost lost you.   Your blood pressure was extremely low. Luckily we were able to stabilize it. You are a very strong lady.” The nurse complemented.

“Yes, I am.” Grandma agreed. “I have treasures up in heaven god is not ready for me yet. People don’t know what I mean when I say I have treasures up there but I do.”

The nurse smiled at grandma and continued her discharge speech.

“The good that came out of your visit is we were able to discover that your cancer has come back, now we can all sit down with the doctor and discuss what your options are.”

“I’m not taking any chemo. I want to live a normal life.” Grandma repeated.

“Yes, I understand that and that is something you will want to explain to the doctor.   Sometimes the medicine can make you sicker than the disease and if you plan on living a normal life then that may be the best idea to decline the treatment.”

“See, these kids think I don’t know anything.” Grandma spout out shooting us all a look of I told you so.

“Well, mother is always right.” The nurse agreed. “So here are your discharge papers along with a list of all of your medications that you will be taking. If you don’t have any other questions for me, your appointment with the doctor is tomorrow morning at 8:15 he will be able to answer any other questions that you may think of.

“Thank you.” Grandma said assuring the nurse that she was content for now.   When the nurse left the room there was a feeling of calm that settled in.

“So this is good news right?” London asked feeling a little embarrassed about the breakdown she just had in the hall but excited that her grandmother was up in good spirits and more importantly going home now.

“Yes, this is great news.” Robert answered.

“Come here girl.” London’s father Brian said waving her over towards him.

She walked over to her father and he opened up his arms for her to hug him.

“You alright.” Brian asked her.

“I’m better now. “ London answered honestly.

“Laerihs said you were taking it hard.”

“Well Laerihs also practically started planning her funeral so how was I supposed to react?”

“I did not!” Laerihs wined.

“You did!” London snapped back.

“Ok girls not in here.” Brian interjected.

Laerihs sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes at London. “Maybe if she was home more often and not always running around dancing she would know for herself what was going on.”

“Running around dancing, really Laerihs?”

“Stop all that now!” Grandma shouted. “Don’t ya’ll girls start that nonsense in here.”

“Sorry grandma.” They said in unison.

“Ok ma lets get you out of here.” Robert said taking control then everyone got up to help pack up Mrs. Lewis’s things so she could go home.


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