Upper Body

I use to hate working out.  Now, working out is a part of my life – it makes me happy!

They say it takes thirty days to form a habit.   I suppose that is true.  All I know for a fact is that it has been four months since I made the decision to change my lifestyle and now I don’t know how I ever lived differently.  I remember when I would fear the treadmill.  Can you believe that I actually was afraid to get on a machine.  I always felt like I would fall off of it and skid my face up and knock out a tooth or two.  Although that can happen that is not something that should have been on my mind.  Today I look forward to my time on the treadmill.  I give myself challenges and sometimes I don’t feel like my workout is complete until I tackle it.  It is so funny how your life can change when you make a conscious decision to change it.

My new thing is working on my upper body.  My first goal was to just get in the gym three times a week minimum and commit to doing cardio.  I’ve expanded my knowledge of different machines and am no longer confined to the elliptical now I am obsessed with toning.  The first thing that has to go is my tummy and my arms.   My upper body is absolutely my problem area and I know that has a lot to do with changes in my diet but it also has to do with challenging myself to hitting the weight machines.  I want my stomach and arms to be sculpted like a greek goddess LOL.  I need that in my life.  Once I get that I am treating myself to a shopping spree.  New body, new clothes.  YESSSS!  I can’t wait.

My goals are in the making not in my dreams.  I will keep working and then one day it will just be.  I’m so excited and I should be.  Taking control of my life has changed me for the better.  Thank God!



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