Beautiful Dreams

I have a dream that someday way before retirement age I will escape to a private island with a sweet little house where my bedroom windows open up over looking the beach.  If I close my eyes I can smell the ocean water right now.  I will sit in my big white plush chair with my feet clicked up watching the sunrise drinking a cup of fresh mint tea laced with honey.  Can’t you just hear the birds chirping?  One of the birds will befriend me.  He will stop by my window every morning to say hello and I will share my sunflower seeds with him, then he will fly off into the sky excited and free.

My day will continue as I go into my big open kitchen connected to my wrap around porch.  I will open up all the doors and windows in the house so the breeze can flow freely through while I slice fresh fruit and mix my oatmeal.  I will have flowers in every entryway; the gardenia, lavender combination will romance my senses forcing me to close my eyes and slowly inhale the sweet smells.  After breakfast I will take a shower that is conveniently located on my veranda.  Then snuggle up on my comfy wicker furniture with my laptop (Bobby) and write love stories.

In the evening I will prepare a fresh garden salad and some type of grilled fish, crack open a nice bottle of wine making sure dinner is ready right on time to sit and watch the sunset.  I will turn on an antique record player with Nina Simone’s beautiful voice speaking to me as I slow dance with my arms wrapped around a good book.

What a reality!  I claim it today.  I just love beautiful things.



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