Happy 4th of July

I laughed with my bestie today about how being a business owner takes away from the joy of the holiday’s.   I remember when I was working in the corporate world and a holiday was coming up I would literally have a plan for each of my days off and the extra day was always about rest and relaxation.  I appreciated the holidays a whole lot more back then.

Now that I am on my own there is no such thing as a day off or a holiday.  In order for me to take a vacation I have to literally be secluded from technology and my daily outside world.  I cannot be within one thousand feet of my computer or have any access to Internet or phone service in order to take legitimate time off.   I work harder than ever before and currently am financially rewarded a lot slower than when I was receiving a steady paycheck.  However the satisfaction of realizing my dreams is a greater reward than can be described with words.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I would have just stayed at my job.  Would I have eventually gotten over my detest for being stuck in the same place day after day.  Would I have one day been ok with being confined to a desk and looking out the window when the sun was shining bright on my face?  Would I have gotten over the resentment I felt for anyone who took a risk and lived out his or her dreams?  Would I have been ok with being safe? I wonder.

Luckily for me I live in a country where chasing a dream is not outrageous it is encouraged.  Where being a small business owner is praised not looked down on.   Where being independent is a celebration.  We are so fortunate to be Americans!  Happy 4th of July and God Bless America!


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