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I’ve been off in a fantasy land for the last six days.  Wow when I tell you I’ve had a dream week I mean it! It all started with my aunt’s wedding which I’ve already told you how fabulous it was.  It was a way to kick off my vacation.  On my trip to Mexico Pop proposed to me and it was so beautiful.  Being in Mexico put the icing on the cake because the scenery was breathtaking.  It really was the trip of my life thus far. It can only get better from her right. 😉

I have been crying a lot – tears of joy of course but it is so unlike me.  My mom and I had a long talk this morning and she made me cry, my aunt Sonia called me crying about how excited and proud she was and she made me cry.  I cried yesterday because I felt like my parents weren’t as excited for me as I thought they would be but after talking to my mother and assuring her she was not losing a daughter she was gaining a son we both cried and now she is super excited.

I immediately bought a wedding book and my aunt gave me her sacred checklist that she used for her wedding.  It was so sweet for her to pass it down to me.  Right away it’s like everything is wedding, wedding, wedding.  Thank God for my mother who I am so blessed to have in my life for this occasion.  She quickly snapped me back into check and told me to get back to work on a project I am finishing up.  She said don’t let the wedding be a distraction right now you have plenty of time, make sure you finish what you started first.  Her words were exactly what I needed to hear.

I am overjoyed with excitement to be getting married but as a business woman and an artist I have to treat the wedding like a job I was hired to do.  I will schedule in appointments between work hours and pay close attention to my time management.  It is such a blessing that I run my own business, being in control of your own schedule makes you very flexible.  So back to business today, vacation was great but we can’t play hard if we don’t work hard!

This is the year #transformation




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