“The Things Inside Me”: Travel

I have been traveling the world sine I was three months old…I’m an Army brat.

I love to travel. I get a thrill out of throwing my things into a suitcase and going to wherever. I know a lot of the reason I’m like this is because of all the traveling that I did as a child but now it’s an addiction.

Every job I’ve had has involved traveling that’s one of the things I looked for. Now that I run my own business traveling is just a part of life. I don’t even know how many business trips I’ve been on. Business trips are the best because I get all that money back.

Today I’m headed to Mexico but this trip is all pleasure because it’s me and Pop’s birthday. This vacation is well deserved after the last six months of ripping and running we’ve been doing. I’m very excited. I chose Mexico because I’ve never been there and I wanted to go somewhere that’s known for partying. Since this trip is all about fun and relaxation it seemed like the perfect place.

I want to go on a trip every 3-6 months. I intend on seeing the world and I have a lot of ground to cover. Well I’m off to fun in the sun for the next week. I am going to try to post from the beach…we’ll just see what happens. Lol



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