“The Things Inside Me”: Blinded by Vanity

Ten years ago I never would have thought that I would be living in this body.   I thought I would always be a size five.   The reality is that things change, nothing stays the same especially not people.   When I wrote the poem, Blinded by Vanity, it came from a negative place.  Where I am in my life now vanity is motivational thing.

As I continue on my healthy living journey having a personal fitness goal is encouraged.  I am always thinking about how what I eat is going to affect my week i.e. how long I have to spend in the gym, how much of a cheat day I get, what events I have going on.  It is constantly on my mind.  Today was my god-daughters birthday sleepover and we made cupcakes.  Her mother and I started eating the leftover cupcakes and with every bite I was counting carbs.  Its ok I will just count today is just my cheat day and I know I have to be very strategic for the rest of the week.



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