“The Things Inside Me”: Happy Mother’s Day!

As a tribute to my mother on Mother’s Day I am posting the poem that I wrote for her in, The Things Inside Me.  I love you mom!

My Mother

Growing up I didn’t really get to know

understand and appreciate you

But now that I’m older

Your beautiful light is shining through

I can’t explain in words how much you mean to me

As our friendship gets closer my love grows stronger

Being away from you breaks a pice of my heart each day

But as soon as I hear your voice it puts a smile back on my face

Trusting you came naturally

And loving you grew like wildflowers in my soul that I can’t control

When it rains you bring me the sun

When it’s cold you make me warm

I love you mommy

You are my best friend

My sister

The angel that watches over my soul


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