“The Things Inside Me”: Sometimes if feels like…

sometimes it feels like I’m only having bad days.

As I reflect back on my book I can see places where I have grown, then I see things about me back then that today are exactly the same.  I guess you are who you are at the root of you (I think I said that right).  Any who I have a funny story about this.

I was an only child growing up but I always had a lot of cousins and kids around me so in a way I knew what it was like to have brothers and sisters but I still got to go home and be a spoiled brat with all my own stuff.  When my father first bought our house it was going to be just me and him there.  I was a junior in high school and although it seemed cool to be home alone it was a new big house on a dark street with a dark back yard.  I didn’t want to be there alone.  So I bribed my cousin Greg to move in with us by telling him he would have his own room – so he did.

Ok I digress.  The point of all that was to say one of the traits that has not changed about me is if I am alone for a moment too long I feel like I am on the planet by myself.  In, The Things Inside Me, there is an entire chapter titled Empty & Alone.  Now come on yes, that was a bit dramatic looking back now but I do still get bored out of my mind when I am alone for a minute too long.

Gemini’s (smile) XOXO



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