“The Things Inside Me”: Ms. Too Damn Aggressive

Some things never change.  Over 10 years ago I wrote the poem, Ms. Too damn Aggressive and today this statement still very much so applies.  However today I like to call it other names like ambitious, confident and assertive.  Those names seem a lot nicer than aggressive. Although depending on the situation I guess sometimes that is the only fitting word to describe my actions.

There are times when being aggressive is the only way you can overcome an obstacle or win a match.  When I wrote, The Things Inside Me, the main thing that I wanted people to take from my life and experiences was that I am well-rounded, diverse and relatable.    Being aggressive is only one piece of who I am – a dominate piece but nevertheless just one part.  At the end of the day there is a time and a place for everything.  The key is mastering your emotions and knowing when and where to let each of them show up.


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