“The Things Inside Me”: Routines

I’m not gone stop until I reach the end…

Won’t Stop, is a poem that I wrote that is in the second part of TTIM, Matured & Educated.  It is also one of the poems that made the cut to be performed in “Wide Open”.  This piece means a lot to me because as Toya #teamfitandfab would say, “the struggle is real.”

Everything worth having in life requires a struggle – at least in my experience.  My career is a struggle, living a healthy life is a struggle, making good decisions can be a struggle.  Nothing I have ever wanted has been handed to me.   What I have learned through all of my experience is to try to get myself into a routine and then the struggle becomes easier until one day it is just a part of who you are.   However, I know that breaking routines can be very easy also.

What I have been working on doing is not letting one or two bad days ruin all of my hard work.  For instance last weekend with my aunt’s bridal shower I was completely out of routine.  And let me tell you it took everything in my soul to drag myself to the gym this morning but I did.  The reason that Won’t Stop, is such an important piece is because it is a life piece.  The struggle never stops and I won’t stop fighting it.  In order for me to reach my many goals I have to keep going, push past the obstacles, don’t get hung up on the bad days and even on days when I can barely crawl towards my goals at least I will give it my best because one day, as long as God blesses me with life and health, I will make it because I’m not gone stop!


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