“The Things Inside Me” : I just haven’t got there yet

My aunt’s bridal shower was this weekend.  The shower was beautiful but I was completely off track with my healthy eating.  Here is the flip side of that. I planned to have a bad weekend.  Remember I have been talking a lot about balance, well I have been working hard and doing well so that I could indulge for the bridal shower – and that’s exactly what I did.

The after effects of my indulge are now I have to fight my way back into my routine, I gained a couple of pounds back and now I am feeling horrible for enjoying myself.

I just haven’t got there yet.

This is the title of a poem from TTIM.  As I reflect back on this book today I think of that poem because it shows me how hard I have always been on myself and how critical I am. I am always judging myself 100 times worst than anyone else can judge me.  I am happy my aunt had a good time but honestly I’m not there yet where I can have a couple of pounds of set back.  It takes too much work to lose a few and no work to gain it right back.  I have to fight past the urges that are coming up for her wedding because at this rate I will never get to my goal weight.  I’m not there yet so I will have to make more sacrifices to get there.


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