May 1, 2014

Five years ago today I opened up the doors to By Renee Visions first office.   It was downtown Hartford at 75 Pratt St.  It was a cute little office.  I published “The Things Inside Me: Collectors Edition” in that office, I published several issues of Street Connfinement Magazine out of that office, I shot the first season of Poetz Corner TV in that office and birthed my baby the stage play “Wide Open” into the world in that office.  Then the day came that I had to let that office go.  I would have had to let it go eventually because my goal for By Renee Visions is to own a building but nevertheless I was there and it was worth it.

They say the first five years in business are the toughest.  Oh God is that an understatement.  I can’t speak for everyone but let me tell you sacrifices have to be made!  Looking back at my original business plan from 5 years ago I can not believe how much I was able to accomplish and how much the plan has developed.  This new five-year plan is more clear.  I remember everything seeming so broad and experimental when I was writing the first one but this time I am very clear about the direction of this company.  Even more importantly I understand the ways to make money in my industry.  Once you figure that out it is now all about action and a little patience.

In honor of our 5 year anniversary I am going to do 30 days of “The Things Inside Me: Collectors Edition”.  Everyday I will choose a poem from the book that relates to my day and whatever I am going through at the time.  As a part of my transformation I am finding it important for me to do a lot of reflection, research and review.  This book launched my publishing career as well as my career as an author.  Now I am going to dissect what it taught me and weed out what worked and what didn’t. This is going to be an exciting next 5 years with greatness beyond belief in the works there is infinite possibilities for our future.



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