Detox: Day 29

I weighed in today…down another 3 pounds #teamfitandfab all day!

I have a love hate relationship with weigh in day Tuesday.  At first I hate it! I dread it all week, it makes me have a debate with everything I put in my mouth.  Yesterday was another run around day for my  aunt’s bridal shower (when I say run around day I mean the whole day).  One of my biggest challenges with eating well is when I am running around because if I don’t have my snacks prepared I either make a bad indulging decision or don’t eat at all and neither are good.

So yesterday since I knew ahead of time what was about to go down I prepared my snacks for the day before I left home.  I took with me  a half a small sandwich bag of blackberries, 6 almonds and my special BBW (belly burning water) LOL.  By 6 o’clock me and Valerie were still in Sam’s Club, all my snacks were out and it was quickly approaching dinner time  – to me everything in Sam’s Club was on the “yum list”.  Valerie was hungry too so she sent me up to the food counter to get us something to eat.  The first thing I saw was a slice of pizza with all the toppings.  I thought Valerie was going to tell me to get her a hotdog or something because she had mentioned that I get one  earlier, but instead she burst out get her a small caesar salad (what!).  I needed her to be bad with me.  LOL

As I get her salad there is a large strawberry granola yogurt parfait sitting above it and the strawberries looked so fresh and yummy I just had to try them.  I quickly snatched it up so I wouldn’t change my mind.  Out of the corner of my eye I could still see the pizza so I asked the cashier what was on it and he said, sausage, bacon, pepperoni etc… I thought to myself, oh hell no, I cannot justify that.  I hadn’t even worked out today.  So I got my strawberry granola parfait and it was so, so, so yummy and worth every bite.  In the end I really didn’t even want that pizza because I knew I would regret every bite.

Making better decisions one day at a time!




















2 thoughts on “Detox: Day 29

  1. Having healthy snacks at the ready and planning meals ahead is key to healthy eating when busy. The turning point comes once you really understand what is in certain foods and what they do to you. I could not now bring myself to eat an ordinary sausage or pepperoni. I just would not enjoy it. Are you nearly at the end of this detox?

    1. Yes, yesterday was the last day. I have been doing a lot of research on what is in meats that we eat and that is a big part of the reason I chose not to eat that pizza. You are absolutely right I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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