Detox: Day 27

Doing the things you said you would even when the mood you said it in has left.

Let me just say I am sick of this detox and sick of writing about it.  I’m sure anyone who reads my blog is sick of hearing about it too.  But because I said I would document it I am going to see it through.  I am learning to do things when I don’t want to because I am always happy when I do.  For instance…today I really didn’t feel like going running and I almost talked myself out of it, unfortunately I didn’t meet up with #teamfitandfab.  Luckily for me my sweetheart encouraged me to go and we went and ran 3 miles on the trail.  I really didn’t want to do it but I did and was very happy when we finished.

Sticking to this detox is another not wanting to do it but happy I did situation.  This cleanse has taught me so much about how, what and when to eat. I am constantly making conscious decisions about what I eat.  I never did that before.  I always pretty much ate what I wanted when I wanted and never really worked out at least not for more than 2 weeks.  Now if I do have to give in to my cravings I know I will have to account for that in my workout.  Everything is about balance and now “doing the things you said you would do even when the mood you said it in has left.”   That is my new model for the year (Thanks Toya).


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