Detox: Day 26

I was up and moving early this morning because I had a hair appointment in Hartford.  Anytime that I am out all day those are the days when I find the most difficulty following my cleanse.  Living healthy is all about planning.  I have alarms set in my phone for the times when I am supposed to be eating, snacking or drinking water according to my cleanse.  What I have realized about following this schedule is that I am eating something all day so by the time 6pm comes I am full and can make it through the rest of the night without eating.

When I don’t follow my cleanse that is when I find myself feeling for something to eat late in the night because I didn’t properly fill my tank up throughout the day to survive the midnight hours.   So following the theme of being prepared I will have to make sure that when I am on the go I have me some healthy snacks packed and ready for when my alarm goes  off.   Between all the eating and drinking water my metabolism should be on full speed melting these pounds off and away.


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