Detox: Day 25

OMG so my boyfriend brought home these chicken parmesan grinders last night that he knows I love – two of them.  He came home after my dinner time and I had already eaten my calories for the day so I put them in the fridge and told myself I would have mine for lunch tomorrow and I gave the other one to my bestie Tena #teamfitandfab who was also supposed to eat her’s for lunch tomorrow.

Before I could get the grinders in the fridge Tena decided to eat her grinder but I was like naw I’ll eat mine tomorrow.  Thinking I will just eat a banana and be satisfied.  After Tena ate her grinder and I my banana I still couldn’t stop thinking about my yummy chicken parmesan grinder that was in the fridge.  So I decided to cut it in half and eat half of it now and the other half for lunch tomorrow and that’s what I did.  It was so good too.  The good points of this story is even though I didn’t take off the bread like I should have Tena and I did do tae bo and another DVD called Core Rhythms then 275 squats now incorporating weights and arms.

Today I followed my cleanse pretty much to the letter until I ordered Chinese after 8.  I justified it by ordering shrimp and broccoli and only eating half then giving the other half to my boyfriend who gladly disposed of it.  Oh, well it’s Friday I have been good all week.  My punishment for tonight’s late night Chinese run…following behind Tena’s approach, I will have to do 2 solid hours in the gym tomorrow.  Guess that’s what I’ll do!



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