Detox: Day 23

I’m in the last week of this detox and I am feeling really good.  If nothing else I definitely feel de-poofed.  My skin looks good, I have a lot of energy and I’ve learned how to eat.  Learning how to eat is a major part of the getting healthy journey.  Believe it or not I am constantly eating on my cleanse.  Pretty much every two hours I am drinking a shake a glass of water or having a snack. I am eating so much sometimes I don’t want to eat.  Then by dinner time around 5 or 6 I am full enough to get me through the rest of the night.

In my research one of the tricks I am going to implement into  my life is having a healthy snack drawer in my refrigerator.  This is a go to drawer that is filled with small plastic bags of carrots, celery sticks, grapes, cantaloupe, apples etc… This makes it easier for you to make healthy choices when looking for something quick to eat.  Having this drawer filled with pre-packed snacks for the whole week will definitely help me because I am someone who is always on the move and having something quick available will help me avoid fast food stop throughout the day.

The countdown has begun only 7 days left until my cleanse is over.  I am going to try to finish with a bang LOL. XOXO


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