Detox: Day 21

So I’m going to start off being completely honest.  I did not follow my cleanse this weekend.  Between me going to Jersey and then coming back home and spending Easter with my family there was no hope for me.  Ok, I got that out there.  Now the old me would start to beat myself up about it but the new me will absolutely not do that, but for good reason.

First I worked out before I went to New Jersey because I knew there was a possibility of me going off of the plan.  When I came back home I worked out on Saturday and I worked out on Easter Sunday running 3 miles each day.  On Easter I had one plate of small portions of all my favorite foods and my really bad cheat was a half of a piece strawberry lemonade cake.  It was so good and worth every bite.  I jumped back on the wagon today and worked out today.

In the past when I would be down on myself for not following the plan to the letter but because I was conscious of what I ate and I still worked out everyday I do not feel the need to beat myself up.  Tomorrow is a new day and all I have to do is work so I will be back on the cleanse schedule.  It is also weigh in Tuesday so I will be doing a 7am gym run to hopefully offset some of the calories I may have left over from the weekend.  I have my fingers crossed that I am down at least a pound from last week.  I will keep you all filled in.

Taking it day bay day.  XOXO


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