Detox: Day 16

Confession – I am on the fast track to falling into my 3 week curse.  Tuesday marked my third week of working out and since then I have not worked out.  The only thing that I have kept up with is my squats.  I have been doing 250 daily.  Since it has only been three days of not going to the gym I still have time to catch myself before I completely fall on my face and all my hard work goes down the drain.  The good thing about this is that I am completely conscious of my bad decisions.  I am going to chalk these last couple days up as rest days and start over fresh in the am.

So tomorrow I am going to force myself to get back in the gym.  I have come too far to stop now.  At least I am still going strong on my cleanse because eating bad would have made this three-day hiatus even worse.  I need to put together a game plan for the morning.  The first step is recognizing your weakness, check.  Set a game plan, check.  Execute the mission… I will keep you all posted on my progress tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day XOXO


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